Facebook News Feed layout
Facebook News Feed layout becomes more informative

It seems as if in a move to bring the biggest change ever happen to the Facebook news feed since its introduction, the social network is busy secretly testing out a major revamp to make the Facebook news feed layout all the more informative and news-loaded.

The company yet again tweaks Facebook news feed layout with a plan to add more news to its feed. Now given the latest tweak, while ranking the feed Facebook will prioritize stories it finds informative for users, apart from the posts from family and friends.

facebook new news feed layout

The news was first spotted in screenshots that surfaced on Twitter on Friday morning saying that Facebook is experimenting with a new news feed layout.

The screenshots show that the new layout highlights multiple news sections, categorized in topics like Sports and Food, World & U.S. Primary, or say the by default section is still the classic news feed you are already familiar with.

No changes to the algorithm were discussed, yet the company mentioned in a blog post, “With this update, we are creating a new ranking signal to predict what is most informative to you, so those stories appear higher in your feed”.

The changes brought forward are based on worldwide surveys under Facebook’s Feed Quality Program.

“We ask people through this Feed Quality Program to rate their experience. For stories that people rate highly, we then ask them why they enjoyed seeing those particular stories. Generally, we’ve found people find stories informative if they are related to their interests, if they engage people in broader discussions and if they contain news about the world around them.”

Digital publishers, who were earlier shocked when the social media giant decided to prioritize posts from friends and family first while ranking the feed, seem to be entertained with the new Facebook news feed layout. Facebook serves as a platform for expansion of readership and additional revenues for digital publishers.

The new news reader-style feed approach takes users to all the news they care about packed in one massive hub. The move will ultimately help encourage users to rely more on Facebook for news rather than other major sources like Google News or Twitter.

The company recently also addressed the issue of clickbait. Facebook said that it is working upon a system to update the news feed to deal with spam posts. The new system is capable of identifying most commonly used phrases in clickbait headlines, reducing the distribution of spam posts that generally attract users to click and have nothing interesting in return to offer.

Facebook instantly added that the change would be unnoticeable to most of the users but only a few may witness change in referral traffic.

Facebook started off as a dedicated social media platform, yet the company, in an impressively short span of time, has come out as a leading name in the tech space. Facebook stands besides the other tech giants like Apple Inc AAPL, Alphabet GOOGL, and Amazon.com Inc AMZN.

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Facebook News Feed layout becomes more informative
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Facebook News Feed layout becomes more informative
The social media giant just revamped Facebook News feed Layout to bring more informative posts in users' news feed while ranking the feed.
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