Complete guide to access your Android via PC
Complete guide to access your Android via PC

Are you interested in managing your Android communications and other features via your PC? If yes, AirDroid is the best possible answer. The Android app lets you access your Android via PC.

Most of us make use of Android devices these days not only because they give a stylish feel, but also because they let us perform multiple tasks at the go. But what if your Android device is out of charge or out of reach? AirDroid is a great way to stay connected in those unusual cases even without hurting your productivity.

Follow our step to step guide below and access your Android via PC

Method 1: Start the process by downloading and installing the AirDroid app from the Google Play Store.

AirDroid app

The first time you run the app, it’ll ask you to login to your account or just create a new one in case you don’t have yet. You can use the app even without creating an AirDroid account, but additional features will only become accessible if you have an account. So it’s better to create an account at first.

Step 1: If you are already logged in, you’ll be automatically directed to your AirDroid account; if not enter your account details and hit Sign in.

Bonus tip: Do not exit the app on your Android device. Simply hit the Home button to depart, but do not close the app.

Step 2:  Now open the app on your computer.


Step 2: Using a browser (either Chrome or Firefox) on your computer, enter the link: . Now the landing page will show you a sign-in screen.

Step 3: Just Log in by entering your registered username and password into the space provided and hit ‘Sign in’.

Bonus tip: After logging in, you will find all your Android devices connected to the AirDroid app.

Step 4: Now access your Android device via your PC. You can do this by selecting the Android device you intend to connect to. Thereafter, your selected Android device will prompt you with a notification.

AirDroid app

Step 5: You are now all free to make calls, send text messages, get app notifications, uninstall apps, upload media files or images, and delete messages or phone calls on your Android device via your PC.

Bonus tip: You can get access to your Android device via the AirDroid app even when it is miles away. It means there is no more same network restrain.

Access your Android via PC using the USB cable

Method 2: Connect your Android device to your PC using the USB cable that came with your Android device when you purchased it. Now take the smaller end of the cable and insert it into the port at the bottom of your device.

USB Cable

  • Now get the second end and insert it into a USB port on your PC.
  • Your Android device will prompt you with a notification saying ‘Connected as Media Device’. Now your Android device will be, by default, connected in the Media Device Mode, allowing you to transfer your files to your PC and access your Android files via your PC.
  • Your Android device is now in USB mass storage mode, so it’ll become visible as a USB disk drive on your computer.
  • You can access it just by opening a file explorer and then double-clicking the name of your device showing under ‘Devices with Removable Storage’.
  • Once you are there in Android memory storage, you can get access to any file/folder by double-clicking them.

Bonus tip: You are even allowed to cut, copy, paste, and move your files directly in your Android device’s storage.

By following the above two methods, you can control almost anything you wish for. You can read and send messages, delete/adjust your ringtones and notifications, uninstall and backup apps, as well as monitor your system’s storage information.

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Complete guide to access your Android via PC
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Complete guide to access your Android via PC
AirDroid is the easiest and fastest solution that lets you access your Android via PC. Here's quick guide to use this amazing application.
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