Windows 10 hidden features
Windows 10 features

We all are familiar with Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest iteration of Windows OS that is, at present, ruling the computer industry. Thanks to its jaw dropping features, the operating system has been successful in attracting a lot of eyeballs out there and it is being used everywhere, for business as well as personal use. While we all are familiar with its general use, yet we know nothing about the hidden features of Windows 10. That’s why, we’ve come up with a list of ultimate Windows 10 hidden features you must use. Let’s have a look:

Ultimate Windows 10 hidden features you must use

Here’s the list of Windows 10 hidden features every Widows 10 user must use:

1. Follow the ninjacat for the best features
Windows 10 has only been released officially about a year ago, but insiders have lived with the operating system for a long time and they know the things the newbies can never know. The insiders have created their own mascot, a ninjacat, which offers a wide range of trusty needs.

So all you need to do is to follow the ninjacat. You’ll explore countless hidden features and hidden programs. Just try this one out! And see what you were missing!

2. Fast Startup
Storage space
Windows 10 comes pre-configured to enable fast startup. In this, certain system files are written to a master file, resuming them rather than restarting the entire system again and again! As per Microsoft claims, this method helps cut boot times to about 60 percent, thus allowing your PC to boot much faster.

3. Put the Web (and desktop) in your toolbar
desktop links
You can make your desktop toolbar even more powerful with a few tweaks in a configuration menu, adding desktop links and a Web address bar.

  • Click the toolbar
  • Right-click in any unused space you can find
  • Select the Toolbars tab

Here you’ll need to choose one from three options: Address, Desktop and Links. With the address bar you can quickly enter a website and launch your browser. Links allows you to do the same, but via saved bookmarks. The desktop links directly brings up files and folders on your PC.

4. Which apps take up the most space?
hidden apps
You can also check which apps take up more space on your computer. On navigating to Settings > System > Storage, you’ll see a list of drives on your PC. Click a drive! You’ll receive detailed information of how much storage space do apps, photos, videos, and other media files take up on that particular drive. When you click each subcategory, more and more detailed information will appear.

Such information comes handy when that SSD gets clogged. No doubt it is one of the most useful Windows 10 hidden features.You should definitely use it.

5. Turn off Cortana
Disable cortana
Yes, there’s a way you can turn off Cortana!  You can easily erase its memory and turn the digital assistant off. You just need to:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Speech, inking & typing, and click the big grey button that says Stop getting to know me

6. Mail’s hidden Clutter feature
mail clutter
Not only Microsoft filters out spam, but it also places the email that you probably don’t care about in a Clutter folder, a new feature introduced in the Windows 10 Mail application.

The clutter folder hides out in the More subheading in Mail, where you’ll also find a number of other folders hidden as well.

If you’re worried that a critical email may be lost in the clutter, you can check the folder out and drag anything important back into the inbox.

Clutter eventually learns which mail is important over time. Microsoft also emails you periodically about what’s gone into the Clutter folder!

7. Background app manager
hidden background
Yet another effective feature inspired from Windows 10 Mobile! The background manager lets you tweak the settings for apps that run in the background. Some of you might think, why do i even need to worry about it? Now i ask you a simple question. Do you really need those all hidden ads in your Web browser connecting to internet when you’re not actively using it? It’s something you need to keep in mind.

8. Battery use/battery meter
Battery Use
Windows 10 comes with a built-in battery meter that lets you manage and monitor battery use on your device. A battery saver mode is also present that can extend your battery life for few more hours. Now you can easily see which apps really sucks down power in your system and avoid launching them as much as possible. This Windows 10 hidden feature is indeed very useful!

9. Solitaire challenges
solitaire challange
Talking about Solitaire, if you manage to make it through the ads in Windows 10’s Microsoft Solitaire Collection app, check out the Daily Challenges! It’s something you might need to consider seriously.

On completing the daily challenge, you’re rewarded with a special e-currency. Also, lot of things will be coming in near future, Leaderborads! New Levels and Challenges! And much more! So get ready.

10. Whoa! We’re supposed to pay for Solitaire?
Pay for solitaire
Yes! You’ve heard it right. You’ll need to pay if you want to try the premium version of the game. No matter you can try the free version, but it’s full of Ads, which often pop-up when you try to acess the daily challenges.

Microsoft had also tried out premium Solitaire features in Windows 8 as well, and now they’re back in Windows 10. So, if you’re expecting to play the premium version of the game, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $1.49 first. You can also choose to upgrade the game for one-year fir a fee of $9.99.

11. Edge’s Convenient advanced options
Advanced Edge options
One of the most significant steps Microsoft has taken in Windows 10 is replacing default Internet Explorer browser with much advanced Microsoft Edge. The new browser lets you do variety of things with an ease.

One of the most convient things about the Edge is a settings menu that allows you to turn on or off essential features.

To explore Edge settings:

  • Click the ellipsis menu to the upper right and then Settings
  • Scroll down to find the Advanced Settings menu

On clicking the advanced settings menu, you’ll find plenty of option. You can customize them as per your own need.

Our list of Windows 10 hidden features you must use, ends here. Now, it’s time to grab a device powering Windows 10, apply above tips, and unleash the hidden capabilities of your operating system. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Ultimate Windows 10 features you don't know about
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Ultimate Windows 10 features you don't know about
Here in this post, we'll discuss the list of ultimate Windows 10 hidden features that you must use. These features are indeed very useful. You must use them.
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