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Facebook Messenger! You must be familiar with the app as it is quite famous around the world. According to Facebook’s stats department, 8oo mn people use the messenger platform every month and over 9.5 bn photos are sent through it. Most commonly, we use the app for chatting purpose. But is that it? Is there no use of Messenger apart from sending messages and making online calls ? Speaking the truth, it’s nothing like that! You can use the app for several other purposes. That’s why here we’ve come up this interactive post, where we’ll discuss best Facebook Messenger tips, you need to know. Let’s get started:

Facebook Messenger tips you need to know

Here’s is the list of Facebook Messenger tips, you must use:

1. Use the Messenger on browser

When you use the messenger on Facebook.com, the experience is not so impressing. Tiny chat windows appearing in the bottom right corner of Webpage! And the conversations with longer messages! seem somewhat creepy.No doubt you can make some enhancements, but the experience is still the same.

Instead! you can choose to visit messenger.com. This clean messenger oriented site is completely dedicated to make your messaging experience more incredible. Here you can chat with your friends without having to worry about ads and other junk that covers up your screen space when you’re chatting with friends. Plenty of customization options are also available, which lets you customize chats your way. Also, a collection of photos you’ve sent to friends appears in the bottom right.

If you’re still not comfortable with the website, you can choose to install a browser extension of the messenger, which you can download from its store.

2. Play games with code

play game with code
One thing you probably don’t know about the Facebook Messenger is that you can play basketball (in the mobile app) or chess (both in app and web browser) in a messenger conversation. All you need to do is to:

  • Type the basketball emoji or @fbchess , respectively into a conversation

The games aren’t exactly the high-quality one. However, they still work well as good icebreakers.


For chess directions, type @fbchess help.

3. Book a ride

Book a ride
You can also book a ride from within the Facebook Messenger. For, this you just need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

  • Tap the “…” near the text box
  • Select Transportation
  • Sign into your Uber or Lyft account to continue further

Once you’ve signed into your accounts and having a conversation with Uber or Lyft, a tiny car icon will appear below your text box.

Now Tap the Car icon and a Request ride map will appear. Here, you can choose between Uber X and Uber XL and select your destination before seeing a fair estimate and tapping Request.

You can also choose to pay online and ride without opening your wallet.

4. Make Payments

What’s more exciting is that you can use Facebook Messenger to make your payments. However, you’ll need to register your debit card with Messenger first.

To make payments using Facebook Messenger:

  • Tap the “…” icon near your text-entry box and select Payments to enter your account details

To make your transactions more playful, you can swipe left and choose between six different themes, like cupcakes for a birthday gift or wine bottles to settle a bar tab.

5. Edit photos and make your convos more interactive

Edit message images
Your conversations become more engaging when you do something creative. Same is the case with images you’re sharing with others. You can make them more interactive by drawing on them or adding some text. They put new colors to your messages.

Here’s how you can edit your photos:

  • Tap the photo icon just below your text box to grab an image
  • Select an image from the list of your recent pics
  • Tap the Edit option appearing on the photo

Here you can choose between various options. Either select the text block in the bottom left to add some cheesy lines for someone you want to impress or choose to give an evil moustache to someone you don’t like by selecting the pen icon in the bottom right. The choice is all yours!

Gentle Reminder

The Edit option only appears on photos you select by swiping, not on the ones that you choose from the entire gallery.

6. Not only for active Facebook users

Apart from active Facebook users, those who aren’t on Facebook can also use it. After downloading the Facebook Messenger app or opening Messenger.com, you’re prompted to either sign in with a Facebook account or to select Not on Facebook. If you’ve selected the later, you’ll need to enter a name, phone number, and photo to get started without having to sign up with a Facebook account.

You can also synchronize your regular messages on the Facebook Messenger. This way all the messages coming on your smartphone will appear on the messenger.

Our list of best Facebook messenger tips and tricks ends here. Now it’s time to use the messenger, try these features yourself and get more familiar with it. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Best Facebook Messenger tips you need to know
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Best Facebook Messenger tips you need to know
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