10 best HD Android games you must play
10 best HD Android games you must play

While maximum smartphone are confined till playing basic games like Candy Crush, Angry Bird and more like that, there are some who want to take full advantage of their device’s HD displays and high-end processors. If you’re one of those and looking for such HD games, you don’t need to look any further. Here we’ve come up with the list 10 best HD Android games that will blow your mind with their realistic visuals and blindingly awesome graphics. Let’s get started:

Best HD Android Games you must play

Here’s the list of HD Android games you must try at least once:

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5 balckout
Playing FPS on tablets is of no match to play them on PC. However Modern Combat 5 tries its best to bridge that gap. Jaw dropping HD graphics! Amazing sound effects! Loads of customization options and modes! Makes you play the game and keep playing it.

The story mode is much more inspiring, especially as compared to its immersive console counterparts. Honestly! The game is amazing and I see no reason you can afford to miss it.

Gentle Reminder

The game requires internet connection! So, when playing it on mobile data, don’t stick with it for hours. It will run you out of data very soon!

2. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassins Cree Pirates
Mobile Assassin’s Creed spin off, Assassin’s Creed Pirates is the best way to show off you naval battle skills. As it’s quite evident that the games developed by Ubisoft are known for their quality and special effects, this game features expert 3D modelling to give the boats a realistic effect.

Moreover, the cut-scenes, while featuring static cartoon characters, also create a mesmerising charm. Overall the game is worth playing if you own a high-end Smartphone. The game definitely deserves it!

3. Unkilled

Do you love first person zombie shooters? If you do, then the game is definitely for you.

Unkilled is a linear zombie shooter, featuring authentic environments that seem too much shiny for the Apocalypse. Still the mesmerising graphics and eye popping effects makes the game a strong contender in the list.

Sound and lighting effects are implemented effectively, For example, the shafts of sunlight penetrating the underground tunnels walk creating a strong sense of atmosphere. Also there is also a slowdown effect that occurs when you use special items within the game.

Seriously it is one of the best HD Android Games you’ll come across!

4. Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots
The name may seem stupid, but the game is awesome. Walking War Robots provides the best combo of jaw dropping graphics and highly engaging gameplay. It lets you leap into the online battlefield as a digital war robot. Where all you need to is to blow up adversarial machinery with pleasure!

In the game you play as a team of six. The goal is simple! Eliminate other machines or hold more flags at the end of the play.

The only con of the game is the lack of maps. Only three maps featured within the game will not provide enough variety for more than hours to play. Still the game is worth trying once.

5. Dead Trigger 2

Dead trigger 2
Remember Dead Trigger! The smash hit zombie shooter that ruled hearts of handheld gamers for month. Now the publisher is back, but this time with more interactive gameplay and eye popping graphics!

To play Dead Trigger 2, you’ll require high-performance hardware, but once you start playing you’ll not stop admiring its awesome sound effects, intuitive gameplay and live graphics.

Even if you’re not a fan of point and shoot games, you must play Dead Trigger 2 once, the game is worth it

Gentle Reminder

You can only play the game when connected to the internet.

6. Wild Blood

Wild Blood
Jaw dropping HD Fantasy game that’ll take your breath away! That what exactly describes Wild Blood, the smash hit Action play that is ruling the Play Store from a long time.

The game takes elements from the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and beautifully spins them into an action game. Don’t hope too much from the narrative, what matters the most here is the dazzling imagery.

Since the game is developed using the Unreal Engine, it carries the best visuals you can expect in an Android game.

7. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2
Yet another run of the mill zombie shooter, showcasing flashy graphics and a really old storyline! Dead Effect 2 is heavily inspired from the games like Dead Space and Doom 3 and requires you to navigate through a claustrophobic space station while defending yourself from the hordes of mutants.

The game is highly impressive and has a lot to offer: Impressive armour sets and enemy designs! Jaw dropping sound effects and above all fairly easy controls. You must play Dead Effect 2 once. The game is worth it!

8. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 was highly criticized for the in-app purchases required to make through it. Still it is one of the most impressive Android games in terms of graphics and visuals. It carries some of the best controls and mechanisms, which make your game playing experience even more awesome. So, while for some you, the game may appear as a hefty app, perhaps due to its large size (1 GB) and in-app purchases, still it manages to win our hearts with its utterly impressive offline mode!

9. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures
Packed with amazing visuals, interactive gameplay and jaw dropping graphics, Rayman Adventures manages to offer a smooth and genuinely enjoyable gaming experience. It is real joy to play.

The only flops of the game are the inevitable in-app purchases that are pushed on you. But it’s obvious as the game is a free download!

10. Epic Citadel

Epic Citadel
Powered using the Unreal Engine 3, Epic Citadel is the perfect choice if you really want to see what your Android device is really capable of. The game lets you explore the citadel from infinity Blade.

The game features a cathedral, winding passages, and an outdoor bazaar. The game is perfect showcase of your Android device’s capability and is a great fun to wander around for a while.

Our list of 10 best HD Android games ends here. Now it’s time to install the games and enjoy them yourself. You will feel the difference. Stay tuned for more updates!

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10 best HD Android games you must play
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10 best HD Android games you must play
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