Uninstalling Mac apps

One of the most common problems users face when they switch from Windows to Mac is uninstalling a Mac OS application. Uninstalling an app on Windows is quite simple, you just need to go to the control panel and choose to uninstall an app from the list of installed programs. On the other hand, you may not find it so easy while doing the same on Mac OS. That’s why we’ve come up with this useful tutorial that will guide you through mysterious yet effective methods for uninstalling Mac apps:

Complete guide to Uninstalling Mac apps

There are various ways to uninstall an app from Mac OS. Let’s have a look:

Method 1: Deleting apps using the trash

To delete apps using the trash, you’ll need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Log into your Mac with an administrator account

Login with Admin account 1
In case you’re not logged in with an admin account, you’ll be asked to enter a password when you try to delete something.
To find whether your account has admin rights or not:

  • Click on the Apple menu
  • Select System Preferences
  • Choose Users & groups
  • Check whether your account shows in the list as Admin

Step 2. Open Applications folder

Applications folder
Now, navigate to the Applications folder and search for the application you want to uninstall. Some applications like Firefox, Chrome are represented as a single icon, while others, such as Microsoft Office are represented as a folder of multiple icons.

Programs can also be found in other location such as the Desktop.

Step 3. Drag the application or folder or applications you want to uninstall

Move apps to the trash
Now you drag the application you want to uninstall to the trash. When you release the chosen app over the bin, you’ll hear a sound effect resembling a paper being scrunched up.

You can also use the command Cmd + Del to quickly move selected programs to the trash.

Gentle Reminder

Trash acts a buffer if you’ve deleted anything by mistake. When you open the Trash, you’ll see the list of files you’ve deleted. From here you can restore the items you’ve deleted.

Step 4. Empty your Trash

empty trash
Once you’ve figured out that you’ll never need the programs you’ve deleted, you can choose to empty your Trash. For this:

  • Right click on the Trash icon
  • Select Empty Trash
  • Click Empty Trash option to confirm
Gentle Reminder

You can use the command Cmd + Shift + Del to quickly empty the trash. (Press Cmd + Shift + Option + Del, if want to be prompted for a confirmation.)

Method 2: From Launchpad

delete apps using Launchpad
You can also choose to delete a Mac OS app from Launchpad. For this, you’ll need to:

  • Open Launchpad, by clicking its Dock icon
  • Click and hold any app until the icons start shaking
  • Click the X button next to the app you want to delete
  • When prompted that you want to delete the app

Gentle Reminder

When you delete an app through Launchpad, OSX will delete it right away. You’ll not be able to recover it back from the Trash.

Method 3: Using third-party uninstallers

The problem with above methods is that they only delete the application from your applications folder, but the folders your app has created still remain on your Mac’s hard drive, which can lead to further system problems. OK! You can delete these application files by dragging them to Trash, but locating them is also a great headache as sometimes their location is not known. In such case, third party applications may come handy. There are plenty of such applications available in the market like Mac Cleaner, Mac Optimizer Pro, MacPaw, CleanMyMac etc. Even if you’ve to purchase these apps, but it’s totally worth the relief and facility they provide. Moreover, the expert advice and 24×7 customer support is always there for you. You can also opt for the trial version if you want to try the software first.

You can download third-party applications from their official site.

Things to remember while uninstalling Mac apps

There are few things you may need to remember before uninstalling apps on Mac OS. Let’s have a look:

  • You can only uninstall the apps, you’ve installed from iTunes app store. You can’t install the apps that come by default on your Mac
  • When you empty the trash, the app is permanently removed from your Mac. If there are any other files created with the app, you’ll not be able to open them

So you’ve come across all effective methods for uninstalling Mac apps. Now it’s time to grab a Mac, apply any of the above methods and uninstall Mac apps, which you don’t need. Enjoy an optimized and seamless Mac experience.

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Complete guide to uninstalling Mac apps
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