Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update
Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update to release August 9

Microsoft just released the much awaited Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PCs and tablets last week. Now the company is all set to share the treat with the mobile users by bringing in Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

The update is set for August 9 for open market and August 16 for carriers.

Though, you couldn’t see a co-launch with the PC and Xbox One updates, it’s still not too far at all.

A now deleted tweet from Microsoft’s official Lumia India Twitter account claimed August 9 as the official date for the mobile update.

Twitter cannot be relied upon for such info, however, and even the tweet mentioning so is also gone now, the date is still confirmed by most of the sources. For now, August 9 is the planned date of release for Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update for open-market Windows 10 Mobile devices. The list includes unlocked Lumias and most likely Coship, Acer, NuAns, and more.

The pre-mentioned nuance is for mobile operator branded devices sold through carriers, like AT&T, Lumia 950, and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL on T-Mobile. These devices, as such, are set for a Tuesday, August 16 release, i.e. a week later.

The one week later gap is likely to allow carriers with some extra time to test “features and enhancements” from the August 9 update.

Given that most of the Windows 10 Mobile devices are open-market at present, the majority of devices phones should receive the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update on the due date.

Of course, both the dates are subject to any last moment change and problems discovered before the general release. Yet Microsoft doesn’t seems to welcome any delays and both dates as of now, seems to be a lock.

So what new features the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update brings

Having heard so much, the update brings similar feature additions to Windows 10 Mobile devices as available for Windows 10 PCs, but in a mobile context. Microsoft added panorama option to Windows Camera app and also modified its lock screen to let the on-screen back button, on devices without any hardware buttons, gets replaced with a camera button for taking photos instantly.

Other than this, Microsoft also added a new Skype app to Windows 10 Mobile. The app is the same universal Skype app as offered in the desktop version of Windows 10. What’s more? It’s significantly improved from the dull offering that Windows Phone users had to earlier suffer since the last few years.


Other universal apps couldn’t get many changes, as they typically get updates and enhancements separately to the Windows 10 Mobile itself. The settings app also received a minor tweak with icons, simplifying it to search individual settings. Action Center also supports ability to set notifications by priority, so now you can see only the important ones first.

Other updated features are: added media controls to lock screen; new Microsoft Wallet app that lets you make contactless payments on Lumia 650, 950, and 950 XL; and fingerprint readers support.

Cortana also received a slight update with a new feature that enables the digital assistant to find your phone for you.

It’s no update without new emoji, and Microsoft obeyed the fact. You will find a plenty of new emoji characters in the Windows 20 Mobile Anniversary update to choose from.

Reports also suggest that build 14393.67 could be the final build pushed for the Mobile Anniversary Update.

Read more about Microsoft at: Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update is available now

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update to release August 9
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Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update to release August 9
Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update is all set to arrive this August 9 for open markets. Carrier will receive the update on August 16.
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