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With new tech and gadgets releasing every now and then, the game geeks might miss out on what’s on the way to arrive. If you’re looking for upcoming iOS and Android games, which are going to make their debut on the App Store and Google Play this month, you don’t need to look any further. Here we’ve come up with the list of upcoming iOS and Android games releasing in August. Let’s have a look:

Upcoming iOS and Android games releasing in August

Here is the list of upcoming iOS and Android games, which are going to make their debut on the play store and the app store this month:

1. Eisenhorn: Xenos

Eisenhorn Xenos
Platform: iOS

Release Date: August 10, 2016

Eisenhorn: Xenos is a third-person action game from developer Pixel Hero Games (the developer of Spiral: Episode 1). The smash hit iOS action play focuses on Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, a notable character from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The game focuses on the first volume of Eisenhorn trilogy and depicts the earlier period of the eponymous Inquisitor’s reign.

Mechanically, the game resembles the God of War and Batman: Arkham series and lets you use a wide range of weapons, including both guns and sword. The combat consists of rhythmic attack combos, which eventually become stronger when you match the rhythm. You can also use tactical skills like temporary invisibility, psychic powers, and slow motion inspired by Fallout’s V.A.T.S system as well.

Given the game’s story and jaw-dropping graphics. It seems worthy to play.

2. Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

Platforms: iOS and Android

Release date: August 11, 2016

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala is the third iteration of popular investigation adventure game series Enigmatis. In the game, the player follows protagonists from the previous instalments of the series who joins forces to catch the demonic preacher, the series main antagonist, who is travelling towards the Karakorum temple, where lies a secret that will allow him to take control of the world.

The game’s mechanics and controls are somewhat similar to the typical games of this genre and the game series earlier versions. It combines interesting story and jaw-dropping features of classical adventure games with several minigames and scenes that require wits because you’ve to find and locate hidden objects.

Also, contrary to the grim atmosphere of previous entries in the series, the new game features the mountain landmarks and places inspired by the culture of China and far east. So you’ll definitely find it interesting.

3. Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan

Platforms: iOS and Android

Release date: August 11, 2016

Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan is Hearthstone’s fourth adventure! The game is set in the Tower of Karazhan, where the magnificent Medivh is throwing a marvellous groovy party and everyone is invited.

But there’s a small problem. Medivh has gone missing! Now you’ve to use your wits to find your host and make the party live again. So get ready for this epic puzzle adventure!

4. Antioch

Platforms: iOS and Android

Release date: August 20, 2016

Antioch is a text adventure game from French developer Mi-Clos. The game focuses on co-op experience and investigation related aspects. Set in the fictional titular town of Antioch in the year 1983, the game follows the adventure of two detectives working on an extremely complicated case. You’ve to play as one of the detectives! And team up with your counter-part to solve this mystery.

Talking about the mechanics, Antioch follows the classic approach where most of the times the player is engaged in reading, along with numerous graphics and animations displayed. However, what makes the game unique is that it focuses on the co-operation between two players, the decisions made by them and how these decisions affect the final results of the investigation. You must try it once! The game is worth it!

5. Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes

Platforms: iOS and Android

Release Date: August 20, 2016

A simple real-time strategy game from developer Flaregames! The game is a mobile spin-off of a series of tower defence games created by Subatomic studios.

The extensive story-based campaign is set in the world known from the previous instalments, where you’ve to fight henchmen of a crazy scientist Dr. Catastrophe.

The game’s mechanics combine elements of classic real-time strategy games with some aspects of casual titles for mobile devices. Here, on one hand, you’ve to manage your base, gather resources, construct new buildings and conduct research on technological improvements. While on the other hand, you’ve to train your arms and take part in the battle against your enemies. Also, the battles can be a little bit tricky as the enemies try various tactics to make it difficult for you to win the game. Anyways, it is worthy to play.

6. Shadow Corps

Shadow corps
Platforms: iOS and Android

Release date: August 22, 2016

Shadow Corps is a turn-based strategy game developed by Finnish studio Brimstone Interactive. The game takes place in distant future, where you lead a futuristic special forces squad travelling across the whole galaxy. You’ve only one objective: Defeat enemy teams during various missions.

Shadow Corps offers a tactical approach to battle. The combat is divided into turns, where you have to spend points on movement and attack. Throughout the game, you’ll use the futuristic equipment. Several level-ups and weapon upgrades are also available.

From time to time, you can also find remains of alien civilizations and powerful artifacts that’ll increase your team’s combat effectiveness.

7. Dues Ex Go

Dues Ex Go
Platforms: iOS and Android

Release date: August 27, 2016

Dues Ex Go is one of the spin-offs of the popular RPG series Dues EX, developed by Square Enix. The game takes place in the cyberpunk universe from the main installments of the series, where you play the role of Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Dues Ex: Human Revolution and Dues Ex: Mankind Divided. You’ve to move across the assigned route avoiding traps and possible enemies.

The game resembles the mechanics of previously released Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO.

8. Dual Revolution

Dual revolution
Platform: iOS and Android

Release Date: August 30, 2016

Dual Revolution is a turn-based RPG game, inspired by the popular Pokémon series. The game uses a free-to-play distribution model with optional microtransactions. It takes place in an alternative modern world filled with paranormal beings, which can be caught and tamed. You assume the role of a monster trainer, who trains these monsters to fight with creatures trained by rivals. Once you win a battle, you earn experience points, which you can use to develop new monsters.

The game lets you explore a completely new world filled interesting characters and missions. You can also combine several species into a one, powerful hybrid. Apart from the solo mode, a competitive multiplayer mode is also available.

So, if you are a die-hard Pokémon fan and want to play an interesting game based on the similar concept, Duel Revolution is the perfect choice for you.

9. Hero Generations: ReGen

Hero Generations Regen
Platform: iOS and Android

Release date: August 30, 2016

Turn-based 4X strategy game featuring RPG and roguelike features! Hero Generations: ReGen is an enhanced version of Hero Generation (both games have been produced by the notable studio, Heart Shaped Games). It is set is a classic fantasy world, where you are tasked with guiding your characters and fulfil your ambition of creating history. However, the character’s life is very short and ends after just a few turns, which means you not only have to become successful but also have to look after your descendant, who will continue your character’s work.

The game lets you explore new areas, fight monsters, earn wealth and invest it in improving your city. You may even need to make some crucial decisions, which makes the game worthy to play at least once.

10. Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon – Da Orks

Warhammer 40,000
Platforms: iOS

Release Date: August 31, 2016

The game is a standalone expansion to turn-based strategy game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It takes place at the end of 4oth millennium, where a dangerous ship is discovered in a system of the planet Armageddon. When humans attempt to investigate. It turns out to be a ruse of Orks, who plans to launch the biggest attack on the Empire of Man and end humans for once and all.

In the game, you play as Ghazghkull Thraka, the warlord of Orcs, known from the original board game. You’ve to lead your forces against Space Marines and Armageddon Steel Legion in various locations, from open space to cities.

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon – Da Orks offers new dynamic campaign comprising of 18 new missions. You can choose from 400 new units with 200 different weapons.

Our list of upcoming iOS and Android games releasing this month ends here. All upcoming iOS and Android games are unique and worthy to play. You must try them once. Please don’t miss them when they release.

For more upcoming iOS and Android games, stay tuned for more updates!

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Upcoming: iOS and Android Games, releasing this month
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