Apple TV Remote control
Apple TV Remote control

The Apple TV remote control can easily get lost in between your couch cushions, but thanks to the new Apple TV Remote app for iOS device, making easy to control the second, third as well as fourth generation Apple TV.

While the new remote for the fourth generation of Apple TV is a huge improvement over its earlier versions, it can still be somewhat tricky to use. The new app is able to work with older versions of Apple TV, however, its true benefit comes when used with the latest model, because it allows users to use an iPhone or iPod and ditch the Siri Remote.

If you don’t have the Remote app on your iOS device, be sure to grab it, for free, from the App Store. It’s worth noting that when controlling the Apple TV 4, the Apple Remote app doesn’t support Siri, accelerometer, volume control, and gyroscope. Plus, the keyboard feature will not work with some third-party programs. Let’s check out how to set up the Remote app. The first and foremost way to use the Remote app with fourth-generation Apple TV is with Home Sharing.

Here’s how to set up the Remote app and start using your iOS device as an Apple TV remote control:

  • Open the Settings app on an Apple TV
  • Select Accounts> Home Sharing
  • Now turn on the Home Sharing option and enter your Apple ID
  • Hit Continue and type the password related to your Apple ID
  • Now select Sign In and open the Remote app on your iOS device
  • Hit Set up Home Sharing
  • Now again enter your Apple Id and password
  • Tap Sign In option in the upper-right corner of your device’s screen

Apple TV Remote app

Here’s how to set up the Apple TV Remote app manually:

If, for some reason, you are looking for the manual process to connect the Remote app to your Apple TV then read the steps below.

  • Open the Remote app on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)
  • Tap Add a Device and you will be prompted with a four-digit code
  • Note: In case you don’t see Add a Device option o your device, tap the Settings tab and select Turn Off Home Sharing.
  • Now open the Settings app on Apple TV
  • Select Remotes and Devices > Remote app
  • Now select the device on which the Remote app is appearing
  • Enter the four-digit number from your pairable device’s screen

After your iOS device is connected to your Apple TV, you can make use of the Remote app as a controller.

Apple TV Remote app

Here’s how to use the Remote app as Apple TV Remote Control:

Though it seems different, the Apple TV Remote app works almost similar to the Siri Remote. To get started,

  • Make use of the center of the screen to swipe and tap, same like the track pad on the Siri Remote
  • Hit Menu option to exit a screen
  • Press and hold Menu to navigate directly to the Home screen
  • To pause or play your content, simply tap Play/Pause option in the lower-right corner of your device’s screen
  • If you want to rewind or forward your content while playing, just drag your finger to the left or right across the screen
  • To access playback controls like shuffle, skip and repeat; tap Now Playing on the Remote app
  • When in a text pitch, like searching or entering a password, a keyboard will appear automatically. Make use of on-screen keyboard rather than swipe-to-type
  • If you don’t want the keyboard to appear, tap Hide in the upper-left corner
  • To bring the keyboard again, tap the keyboard icon in the upper-left corner

Why waiting? Start controlling your Apple TV by downloading Apple TV Remote app from the App store, if you haven’t already.

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How to use iOS device as Apple TV remote control
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How to use iOS device as Apple TV remote control
Here’s a simple quick and guide on how to set up the Remote app and start using your iOS device as an Apple TV remote control.
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