LG V20: the first Android Nougat phone will be unveiled on Sep 6

It’s always good to have choices. With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 releasing later this month, new iPhones arriving next month, now LG has also announced to unveil LG V20, the very first Android Nougat phone in early September.

LG V20 is the upcoming phone which the company half-assedly announced, but did not show early last week, will finally debut in San Francisco on September 6.

But what do we know about LG V20

Nothing interesting came out from the invites. The only thing revealed is a “Play More” title and “The second story begins”.

Now the first part might be alluding to LG’s “Friends” modules, which highlighted the company’s G5. It doesn’t seem like LG V20 will also come out as a modular phone, the strange things have happened, however.

LG V20 Android Nougat phone

The company might also be only teasing the phone’s beefed up entertainment capabilities. The second part is bit more cryptic. Taking a look at its surface, LG V20 is, of course, the second version of V10. It’s clear that the device is a continued attempt on the original’s focus and storytelling.

The phone might also be indicating a second screen or second selfies camera. You got it right, these are the two things that made the V10 stand apart than the rest of the phones.

LG G5 also has two rear cameras. It’s unlikely if the same would appear on the V20 model. The best part of the announcement date is likely the fact that LG V20 could come a day before Apple revealing its new iPhones.

That actually might happen!

You can see the tweet of phone leaker Evan Blass, confirming pre-orders of the new iPhones beginning on September 9, and delivering on September 12.

If true, Apple could most likely announce its new iPhones on September 7.

Without making the LG V20 less important than it is and what new it can bring, the phone will be anyway the first Android phone to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Still, announcing a new potential product at a time when the most awaited iPhones are rolling out, seems nothing but a practical suicide.

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LG V20: the first Android Nougat phone will be unveiled on Sep 6
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LG V20: the first Android Nougat phone will be unveiled on Sep 6
LG V20 will be unveiled on Sep 6, a day before iPhones release. The upcoming smartphone will ship with Android 7.0 Nougat.
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