best Windows 10 apps
Here are this week's 5 best Windows 10 apps

Given the ever-increasing number of apps and games on the Windows Store, it becomes almost impossible to keep up with the latest out there. For this reason, we have come up with 5 best Windows 10 apps that piqued our interest.

The collection comprises of apps in the news recently, some that are new to the Windows Store, whereas some are the old apps that we just stumbled upon while checking out. It’s your turn now to have a look so let’s get started.

5 best Windows 10 apps of this week:

  1. WedChecker

Windows 10 apps - WedChecker

Waiting for your one big day planning every bit and part of your marriage? Well, WedChecker is one of the best Windows 10 apps out there to do the work for you. The app is a wedding planning tool for Windows 10 computers and smartphones.

You just need to input your name and wedding date, and the countdown to your wedding day begins!

Other than this, the app serves more items of consideration, categorizes them by general planning, bookings, and offers even suggestions on what you need to buy. You can also choose invitees from your Contacts or add them manually. The app also lets Windows users add and mark the ceremony venue on map.

Record bookings for hotels, hair appointments, photographers, cuisine, and much more… WedChecker lets you track everything from simple documentation to the music, clothing, and the rest.

The app is available for both – PC and Mobile, so you can dispense your planning info easily anytime, anyplace you want.

  1. Easyscope

Easyscope for Windows 10

Easyscope Beta ranks among the best Windows 10 apps when it comes to live broadcasting. The app is a third-party client for the live streaming service Periscope for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

You can search by just typing in the broadcast or specific user names, or simply browse a map of the world to know what’s airing live at the moment. It also shows the feeds available in your location and lets you click it to have a sneak peek of each one.

In addition, you can view user profiles and their broadcasts as well. The app for Windows 10 displays a full-screen video view, along with user comments. Though the app lacks some of the basic features like proper management of your profile, ability to see who you follow and your followers, and broadcasting yourself, it’s a beta version.

Conclusion is, the app has a pretty design with intuitive interface and at present, it’s one of the top Windows 10 apps, if not only, Periscope clients in the market for Windows 10.

  1. NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra for Windows 10

NBC updated their NBC Sports Live Extra app and made it available for Windows 10 Computers and tablets. Yes, now it is among the best Windows 10 apps to access latest stories from the NHL, NFL, PGA, and others. You can also watch replays and highlights to get the best of every moment.

Windows 10 users just need to log into NBC Sports Live Extra app via television provider login details and enjoy live sports for free!

Simply tune into NBC, NBCSN, or Golf Channel for sports events as they happen or find relief watching network’s original programming, The Dan Patrick Show, for example.

There’s also a dedicated section for 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, set to be live broadcast on NBC and sister networks. So if you are a lover of sports, then NBC Sports Live Extra is the best bet among the Windows 10 apps to catch every single thrilling moment from any device.

  1. Zip: the question answer app

Zip Windows 10 app

If you want to design and participate in anonymous polls to get real-time results, then Zip is the ultimate Windows 10 app you should try. The app offers you question from a fellow user with two possible answers. Simply swipe in the direction of the answer you agree and you will see percentage of Zip members who chose each reply.

You can also swipe up to skip answering and jump to results. For using Zip, you need to create a new account or you can log in via Facebook. Zip is among best Windows 10 apps that offer you decent options to customize questions you receive.

Opt from the 30 categories including everything from politics, to entertainment, relationships, to would you rather questions. There’s also an age range option to filter questions on the basis of your age preferences and likes and ability to opt in/out of mature content.

The app also offers push notifications and option to toggle it off or activate do-not-disturb hours for specific times of a day. If you have any doubt and need suggestions, just post it to the community for possible opinions. You can also set a deadline for answers and receive results as soon as people answer your question.

Though not scientific, Zip is definitely a fascinating insight into the things that people wonder about.

  1. A bird’s Journey

A Bird's Journey for Windows 10

Inspired from the spirit of Flappy Bird, A Bird’s Journey is an endless side-scroller for Windows 10. Make your bird go as far as you can, ensuring that your birdie doesn’t hit objects or lands in the water. The main difference between other Windows 10 apps and this one is that A Bird’s Journey makes use of a stamina meter to show when the game ends.

The main two things that make A Bird’s Journey one of the best among the best Windows 10 apps is its artistic design  and the challenging game-play. The design flaunts a paper-theater style where every object appears to be a cutout being moved by hand. Such an amazing style along with birdie sound effects contributes together for making the game enjoyable.

Though not so challenging, the games is difficult enough to keep your interest without becoming overly frustrating. A Bird’s Journey has hit a sweet spot by becoming a fun game for users of different age groups.

So this was our roundup of 5 best Windows apps of this week that you should check out right now. If you have any suggestions or additions, share with us in the comments section below.

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Here are this week's 5 intriguing Windows 10 apps
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Here are this week's 5 intriguing Windows 10 apps
Here is the roundup of 5 interesting Windows 10 apps. The list packs some latest, popular, and a few old ones to beautify your Windows 10 experience.
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