Facebook is testing video ads in Facebook Live broadcasts
Facebook is testing video ads in Facebook Live broadcasts

If you are fond of watching Facebook Live broadcasts then get ready to see some mid-roll video ads. Facebook is testing some short video ads that will appear during breaks in Facebook Live broadcasts.

Facebook said in an email, “we’re running a small test where a group of publishers have the option to insert a short ad break in their Facebook Live videos”.

Facebook has specified for months that there was a prospect of introducing ads during live-streams. The social media platform has always been unwilling to show pre-roll commercials because Mr. Zuck believes that it ruins the viewing experience. Instead, he is more adaptable to mid-roll video ads.  Reports suggest that Facebook even started informing advertisers, last month, that their ads could start appearing during Facebook Live broadcasts.

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The move should not be a shocker to anyone who follows the social platform and its various video products. These are fb’s first video ads that will play directly inside videos on the giant social network.

The mid-roll ads are entitled to appear for five minutes into a Facebook Live broadcast and they last up to fifteen seconds or shorter, according to a report.  How these ads will work is still not clear! Facebook, for now, is just allowing “a small group of publishers” to insert a short commercial into their Live videos.

Facebook also notified advertisers that the advertisements shown during Facebook Live broadcasts would be pinched from among prompted video campaigns already running on Facebook, but is quite safe to believe that if the test is doing well advertisers may have the ability to create custom advertisements selected to be shown during Live broadcasts.

As Facebook is still in the testing stage with the Live Ads, it is not clear if the platform will establish them into a full-fledged ad product.

And in terms of revenue, during the beta period, advertisers will not receive a portion of revenue generated from commercials during Facebook Live broadcasts. In future, depending on how the social media platform decides to structure its Live as product, advertisers can expect some good amount.

According to people familiar with the matter, Facebook will pay some premium publishers for their ads on Live. According to a publishing executive,

“It’s hit or miss. We know it takes time to figure out what works, and that’s why Facebook is paying people to experiment before the results are fully in.”

Live video has become a battlefield for social media platforms, including Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. All are competing for more professional content. Even they are running after TV to entice advertisers into digital video.

YouTube is basically following the spitting model ad revenue from pre-roll and mid-roll ads with the media partners to encourage their sharing on the platform. On the other side, Facebook has invented a deal in which it’ll place promoted videos among the suggested ones, and it’ll split the ad revenue.

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Facebook is testing video ads in Facebook Live broadcasts
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Facebook is testing video ads in Facebook Live broadcasts
Facebook is testing some short video ads that will appear during breaks in Facebook Live broadcasts.
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