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Apple TV Remote App for iPhone releases with Siri features

Apple first teased the app back in December when Apple SVP Eddy Cue hinted that the company is planning to ship the app in the first half of 2016. Now, after releasing its beta during WWDC, Apple has just released the new Apple TV Remote App for iPhone and iPad. The app packs some intriguing Siri features and is available to download from the App Store for the new Apple TV.

The app comes as an advanced replacement over the previous Remote app that missed support for some of the high-end features on the fourth-generation Apple TV.

When turned on from the iPhone, Volume control feature also comes out working pretty well for some users for CEC support.

Though the initial version of Apple TV Remote App for iPhone also misses out on some of the features, like it isn’t available as an iPad-optimized app and you can’t find the similar Home Sharing features that let you manage iTunes on a Mac, it is still a decent update.

Sadly, you won’t be able to use regular Siri to control Apple TV; voice control is only accessible by press and hold on a microphone button within the app…Just like on Apple TV remote.

Another thing the app misses out is you can’t watch content on your iPhone via your Apple TV. Fortunately, every app with content on Apple TV is available in app-version for iPhone as well…so not a big deal here.

The original Remote app for Apple TV is still available for download.

It works with both iPhone and iPad; it never got any update to display accordingly on the 12.9-inch iPad Pros, however.

The new app comes with support for features on the existing fourth-gen model, more like using Siri and playing games around. You just need to connect Apple TV Remote app to your Apple TV over Wi-Fi and you will see that the app seems absolutely like the remote that comes packed with the fourth-gen Apple Vs.

And it works the same way pretty well…

You can swipe and tap across the top half of the screen to navigate through menus, along with the other options still there – play/pause, home, and Siri button combo. The Apple TV Remote app also lets you talk to your Apple TV’s Siri through your iPhone.

You can also use your iPhone’s in-built accelerometer and gyroscope to play games.

In addition, the app lets you use your iPhone’s keyboard to type for searches, proving to be much easier than the touchpad, which requires you to scroll around.

Moreover, you can find the Apple TV Remote app useful for controlling Apple TV with touch gestures, play/pause/fast forward/ rewind currently playing videos, use iPhone’s keyboard to enter email Ids, and passwords.

Owners of fourth-gen Apple TV may simply ask it to find something to watch as well.

Requirements for Apple TV Remote App:

  • iOS devices using iOS 9.3.2 or later
  • Wi-Fi connection to Apple TV
  • Apple TV (4th generation), using tvOS 9.2.1 or later
  • Apple TV (3rd generation), using Apple TV Software 7.2.1
  • Apple TV (2nd generation), using Apple TV Software 6.2.1

Note: Siri requires fourth-gen Apple TV, availability varies as per country and language.

Overall, the new Remote app for Apple TV seems a decent upgrade for users of the new Apple TV. The addition of Siri on the Apple TV to control and manage it from iPhone is great.

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Apple TV Remote App for iPhone releases with Siri features
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Apple TV Remote App for iPhone releases with Siri features
Apple TV Remote app for iPhone is now available to free download on the App Store. The new app comes with Siri features and other decent upgrades.
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