Microsoft Edge Extensions
Microsoft Edge Extensions

Extensions are an important part of any web browser. They significantly extend the functionality of your web browser. That’s why choosing the extensions, which are indeed very helpful, is very important. Here in this post, we’ve come up with such ultimate Microsoft Edge extensions which you must use.

We all know that Microsoft Edge browser lacks in many aspects, but still these extensions might help bridge that gap. Let’s have a look at the ultimate Microsoft Edge extensions you must use:

Microsoft Edge Extensions you must use

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus

adblock 1
Who’s not aware with AdBlock and AdBlock Plus? The popular web browser extensions that block the majority of ads on the websites you visit. Now both of these two extensions have made their debut on Microsoft Edge. So installing these extensions will block nasty ads appearing on the web pages you visit and let you browse smoothly.

Gentle Reminder

Bothe AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are practically the same extensions. So running them both at the same time isn’t going to help you anyway. It will only put extra load on the browser.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket
Save to Pocket is an extension of popular read-it-later app Pocket. The extension adds a Pocket button to your browser, which you can use to save WebPages you want to read later. The automatically saved web pages can also be synchronized across other devices for offline reading.

Page Analyzer

Page Analyzer
The Page Analyzer extension is specially designed for web developers. It lets you scan and analyze web pages in Edge for common errors, performance issues, and optimization opportunities.

Microsoft Translator

microsoft translator
Microsoft Translator extension comes handy when you’re browsing some foreign language website. When the extension is turned on, you’ll see a translation icon in the address bar of the website. Just hit the icon, the extension will instantly translate the website into your current Windows Language, thus allowing you to browse the site with an ease.

Microsoft Translator supports over 50 languages.

Mouse Gestures

mouse gestures
Just like the name suggests, Mouse gestures extension turns on mouse gestures in Edge. To start using mouse gestures. You just need to:

  • Click and hold the right mouse from anywhere inside the browser and then drag your mouse into a gesture

These mouse gestures come handy when you want to work faster and don’t want to waste your time clicking a particular button to perform some action.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement suite
The Reddit Enhancement Suite extension adds extra functionality to Reddit, adding some smaller yet crucial enhancements for Reddit users like better comment navigation, an easy account switcher, and a never ending Reddit stream from the homepage.

OneNote Web Clipper

One Note Web Clipper 1
OneNote Web Clipper extension adds a button that you can use to capture all or some part of a web page to save to OneNote. The extension lets you either capture the entire web page or take a screenshot of specific part of the web page. You can also capture the page in Article format, which grabs just the text on web page.

After capturing the clips, you can save them to the OneNote book of your choice and can access them later from when you need to.


Last Pass
Notable password manager LastPass is also available as an Edge Extension. The extension lets you store encrypted passwords and form fill information. The Last Pass edge extension can also be synchronized across multiple browsers, which means it’s also pretty much convenient if someone of you is thinking of switching over from Chrome or Firefox.

Pin It Button

Pin It
The Pin It Button extension is quite similar to the OneNote Web Clipper, expect Pinterest. The extension adds a Pin It button to Edge that lets you pin anything on the page like photos, videos, and animations to the Pinterest board of your choice.

By default, the Pin It button appears next to other extensions at the top, but you can customize the settings as per your choice.

Office Online

Office Online
The Office Online extension links up with Microsoft’s Office Web Apps to bring an in-browser experience to Edge. The extension lets you open and creates new Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote online documents without any need to install office on your device.


Evernote extension 2
Evernote is the latest iteration to Edge’s collection of browser extensions. With the help of this extension, you can clip articles from web pages. You can also save the full web page or a bookmark to the Evernote notebook of your choice. Moreover, the extension features its own set of customizable keyboard shortcuts for quick clipping.

Evernote is an ideal extension if have the habit of reading and don’t want to skip anything important.

Our list of ultimate Microsoft Edge extensions ends here. Now it’s time to grab a Windows 10 device running Microsoft Edge, add the above-mentioned extensions, use them, and feel the difference. Enjoy!

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Ultimate Microsoft Edge extensions you must use
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Ultimate Microsoft Edge extensions you must use
Here in this post, we've come up with the list of ultimate Microsoft Edge extensions you must use. The list includes extensions like AdBlock, Evernote etc.
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