Get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go
Get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO game needs no introduction. It has already taken the world by storm since its launch on July 6. Gaming geeks who are utterly addictive to this augmented reality mobile game have already gone crazy to find cheats of the game to collect more characters and to boost their progress. Pokecoins in Pokemon Go are essential to buy various premium things in the game.

Pokemon GO

Though Pokemon Go is free to play, gamers need to purchase PokeCoins with real-world money. The game offers some in-app purchases to allure users to speed up their in-game progress. Using Pokecoins in Pokemon Go, you can buy lucky eggs, egg incubators, bag upgrades, lure modules and the works. While there is not any real Pokemon cheat that can get you free PokeCoins, you can try the below mentioned hack and get a few of such Pokecoins.

Pokemon cheat: get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

The best and foremost way to get some Pokecoins in Pokemon Go, without using any real money, is by defending Pokemon gyms. Before trying this hack, make sure you have crossed the 5th level of the game. Read on to find how the hack works.

Pokecoins Pokemon Go

  • Locate a gym and either take it or reinforce it so that you can put your Pokemon there.
  • Once every 21 hours, you can go to the shop window and cash in. Considering how many Pokemon you currently have in a gym, you can get that much number of Pokecoins.
  • The button to seize it is in the top-right corner of the shop window. Note it that there is no confirmation screen. Once you press the button, you have to wait for 21 hours.
    Note: you’ll not be allowed to hit the button if you have zero gyms.
  • You can fetch 10 Pokecoins and 500 startdust for each Pokemon you have on a gym. For instance, if you have 3 Pokemon on Three Gyms, you’ll get 30 coins and 1500 stardust.
  • You can have myriad of Pokemon in an infinite number of Pokemon gyms, though the cash in maxes out at 10. It means you can get up to 100 coins and 5000 stardust once every 21 hours.

Now, you have to be quite aggressive when it comes to taking down gyms and strengthening them as other gamers will also be trying to grab them. As Pokecoins in Pokemon Go are an expensive resource, make sure you’ll use them intelligently.

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How to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go
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How to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO game needs no introduction and Pokecoins in Pokemon Go are essential to buy various premium things in the game.
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