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Apple Store iOS app will feature recommendations

Apple’s App Store has been the ultimate platform for iOS users to get all apps and software. No doubts, the service has offered users with the best possible features and capabilities. With the back-to-school and vacation shopping season arriving sooner than you expected, Apple is ready for an update to the all-loved Apple Store iOS app.

App Store will soon play a more active role in bringing recommendations for you. So it’s going to get easier and better accessing App Store for iOS from now. Now based on your buying history, App Store for iOS will feature recommendations for products.


The update to Apple Store app for iOS will be entirely affected from your buying history (as mentioned already) to recommend the products the app thinks are of your interest. Sources report that the updated app could display the recommendations in a new For You tab. The new Apple Store iOS app will be universal; combining the presently separated Apple Store apps for iPhone and iPad.

When to expect revamped Apple Store iOS app

Well, looking at the sources, the updated Apple Store iOS app might be available in the next two weeks or sooner.

Apple has long boasted its stance on user’s data the company collects and maintaining customers’ privacy as well. So such an update supports the fact that Apple is planning to use your data at least for its own marketing purposes and your ease.

The Apple Store iOS app is currently outfitted with basic product recommendations showcased in the “Featured” tab. It doesn’t offer customers any personalized suggestions regarding what product to purchase.

The reason behind such a change is unknown, but it’s likely being operated with an effort to introduce customers to new products they would otherwise be able to discover.

The shift toward using recommendations would mark a change for Apple, where privacy concerns have traditionally usurped efforts to use customer-behavior data to garner more revenue. While its music-streaming and news apps also recommend tracks and stories, they primarily do so based on interests that customers have chosen to declare. Amazon and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, meanwhile, regularly mine a user’s prior tastes and purchases to generate business by recommending complementary products.

This is all different than Apple Music and the iOS News app, where users themselves define their interests up front when getting started with the apps and can refine the criteria as per user’s preference changes. The new use of data is more like Google and Amazon, who generate revenues on the basis of users’ record of purchases.

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Apple Store iOS app will feature recommendations
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Apple Store iOS app will feature recommendations
Apple Store iOS app will feature recommendations based on your purchase history. These recommendations will show up in personalized For You tab.
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