Delete Pokémon Go
Delete Pokémon Go

More than two weeks have passed but the fever of smash hit game Pokémon Go isn’t fading away. This can be easily recognized from the fact that more than 75 million downloads have been recorded worldwide. After all, who will miss the opportunity to catch their favorite Pokémon? However, there is also another dark side of the game and you’re not fully aware of it. There are few aspects which you can’t ignore. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of reasons you should delete Pokémon Go right now :

Reasons you should delete Pokémon Go:

1. You’ll never win

You can't winOne thing you must keep in mind about Pokémon Go is that you’re never going to win it. The main objectives are catching Pokémon, claiming gyms and leveling gyms, which don’t require any skills in particular. The only thing you’ll need to do is to spend hours walking around to gain XP. More quickly you’re going to catch Pokémon with high CP, faster you’ll level up and conquer the Gyms.
There is also an alternate to skip this tiresome grinding. Just like many other games, you can buy your way into a speed boost by spending real money on Pokecoins.
So you can’t win the game unless you’ve got loads of time or a lot of money to waste for.

2. Diehard addiction

Diehard addictionEver since its release, Pokémon Go has emerged as a highly addictive game that is constantly eating up your time and sleep. Many of you have reached the extreme level of addiction for this game. You’re losing your sleep, wasting your precious time, your money and even your health for this addictive AR game. It’s OK to play the game for some time when you’re free, but playing it every time not even caring for your health is clearly not a good sign.
Some of you may see it as one of the best games till date, but in reality it’s just another addictive game trying to steal your mental peace and your health from you.

3. The app uses GPS to track your location, not well for your privacy

GPSWe all know that Pokémon Go uses GPS to track your location, which means your location address and other personal details are being recorded on the server site, which might not go well with your privacy.

4. Leading to unintended circumstances

Unintended circumstancesWithin two weeks of its release, the game has emerged as an intense addiction among gamers. However, there have also been some instances when this addiction led users in dangerous situations. There has been an instance when a person stood in the middle of a highway to catch his favourite Pokémon, which led to a serious accident. In another incident, two persons fell off a cliff while playing the game. The web is full of such incidents. Seriously! You get so engrossed in the game that you don’t know where you are going? You are not only putting your own life but other people’s life at stake too. So it’s better to delete Pokémon Go rather than falling prey to such bizarre accidents.

5. Mere wastage of time

wastage of timeTo be honest, the game is mere wastage of time. There is nothing you can learn from it that will come handy in real life. So, why waste your precious time and energy chasing Pokémon? Instead, you can use it to develop some new skill or earn some money. You can learn some new language or learn to play some musical instrument rather than putting so much effort in something that has no value in the real world.

Here’s what you need to do?

Delete this nostalgic Game & reclaim your life
reclaim-your-lifeGetting to the decision to delete Pokémon Go, the addictive game from your smartphone isn’t an easy choice but it’s totally worth the sleepless nights you’re spending while playing this addictive augmented reality play. Just imagine the situation after you’ve deleted the game. You can devote your precious time to friends and family. You can meet new people or learn something new. Most importantly you can sleep peacefully whole night without having to worry about catching some new Pokémon. Your life will become simple and relaxing.

So the option is among all of you: Navigate to the home screen, Delete the app and start living your life once again.

Either you can continue wasting your time and bucks on the game or you can delete Pokémon Go and start living your life the normal way once again. The choice is all yours!

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5 reasons you must delete Pokémon Go right now
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5 reasons you must delete Pokémon Go right now
In this post we'll discuss why you must delete Pokémon Go, the smash hit AR game which is stealing your precious time, money and your energy from you.
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