Best eggs hatching tips for Pokemon Go
Best eggs hatching tips for Pokemon Go

Many gamers report that some Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game are region specific, which means to catch them all you have to travel to far-away places. Fret not! There is no need to book your ride to that far places just yet.

Incubating and Hatching eggs is one of the best ways to catch those Pokemon without taking a trip of the world. Hatching is also essential for evolution as attaining replicas of rare Pokemon via hatching provides a collection of candy that can be used to evolve them. It’s recommended that don’t just randomly glue eggs into incubators. Here are some tips to get started.

Here’s how to get eggs and incubators

Most of you would be starting with an infinity incubator while the rest of them take work. You can buy additional incubators from the PokeShop. Incubators can also be availed when you level-up or just by visiting PokeStops. However, to get additional eggs visiting PokeStops is the only available option.

Pokemon Go

There are three types: 2 m, 5m or 10 m eggs. The mileage simply means that gamers need to walk this much distance to get the eggs to hatch them.

Now as you have eggs and incubators, it’s better to use them with a little strategy. More mileage means the better option of hatching a super-rare Pokemon. Perform the task wisely, as you would be given limited space. Don’t just fill you bag with smaller mileage eggs. After all, you’ll only get space for nine eggs and these eggs can’t be removed. Since it takes a bit long to hatch a 10 m egg, pop up those eggs in your infinity incubator. Each and every hatched egg offers you candy and experience.

Bonus tip: Put your smaller mileage (2m or 5m) eggs into the limited use incubators to hatch them out of the way.

Pokemon Go egg hatching

Hatch the eggs when you’re tired

Another best option to hatch the eggs is to keep the Pokemon Go game open while riding the city bus. It’s technically cheating, but not everyone has potential or energy to walk so long to hatch their eggs.

While riding in the city bus, the game thinks you are walking and you’ll be able to turn some of the PokeStops along the way.

Pokemon Go eggs hatching

Bonus tips: There is no need to worry if you are passing a Pikachu or a Snorlax. Simply tap on the Pokemon to show it into battle. Now slide the AR toggle switch and start off with battling. By following the process, you’ll be able to catch the Pokemon without stopping.

Sometimes, even by covering a lot of distance you eggs just don’t hatch. There can be certain reasons behind this: first there can be a server issue. Secondly, make sure the white PokeBall is not rotating in the upper-left corner of the screen. If the PokeBall doesn’t disappear, simply stop walking and restart the game. Now check if the loading ball is gone or not. If yes then continue covering your distance.

Another problem behind your eggs are not hatching can be perhaps you are going too fast. If the Pokemon Go game feels that you are walking too fast, your distance will not be registered. Last, but not the least, keep a check on your device screen that it’s On at the time you walk. If your device’s screen is shut off, Pokemon Go will stop registering mileage.

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Best eggs hatching tips for Pokemon Go
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Best eggs hatching tips for Pokemon Go
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