save battery life in Pokémon Go
save battery life in Pokemon Go

The surprising popularity and craze of the Pokémon GO game has taken the world by storm. The game is so addictive that people are literally losing their sleep because they gotta catch them all. You might love/hate the game, but one thing is pretty sure that the game sucks battery life, thus leaving you with a very little power for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other activities. This is really frustrating. However, you don’t need to worry because here we’ve come up with 5 effective ways to save battery life in Pokémon Go.

Save battery life in Pokémon Go

1. Turn off augmented reality (AR)

Turn Off AR
It’s really cool to see Pokémon superimposed in your surroundings. However, the game’s use of augmented really activates you camera, which sucks battery life.

So it will be much better if you turn off the AR to save some power. The real world will be replaced with the game background, but the battery benefit is worth it. Moreover, Pokémon are much easier to catch with AR off as they stay still in the center instead of requiring you to aim your phone in the air again and again.

To turn off AR:

  • Hit the AR switch placed in the upper-right corner of the screen when you come across a Pokémon

2. Turn on battery saver

Turn on battery saver
Pokémon Go features a built-in battery saver. To turn it on:

  • Tap the Poké Ball
  • Tap the settings icon (gear in the upper right)
  • Check Battery Saver option

When the battery saver is turned on, your game will turn black and your phone will vibrate when anything new happens. Even if it’s not so exciting, but still saves a lot of battery.

3. Reduce screen brightness

Reduce screen brightness

This is another amazing tip for saving your smartphone’s battery life while playing Pokemon Go as wall as in general too. The only con of turning down screen brightness is that you may find it harder to see what’s happening on the screen, especially if you are playing outside in direct sunlight.

To adjust the screen brightness,

On iOS:

  • Pull up the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and slide the brightness slider left (or)
  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and adjust the slider from there

On Android:

  • Pull down the Quick Settings by swiping down from the top menu bar and adjust the brightness slider (or)
  • Navigate to Settings > Display > Brightness and adjust the slider from there

4. Turn on your smartphone’s battery saver

Apart from turning on the game’s battery saver, you can also turn on the battery saver of your phone. This way you can increase the battery life of your smartphone.

To turn your phone’s battery saver,

On iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

On Android:

  • Navigate to Settings > Battery
  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner
  • Now tap Battery saver
  • Toggle the Battery Saver option On

Gentle Reminder
Even if the phone’s built-in battery saver is a good way to save power, it limits location service (the game uses your phone’s GPS to track location). As a result, you may see fewer Pokéstops and encounter fewer Pokémon.

5. Get a battery case or battery

Battery Saver
If you’ve tried all of the above tips, but your smartphone is still lacking battery, it’s time to be serious. You’ve reached the extreme level of addiction for Pokémon Go.

Still, there is a way you can get more battery life. Just buy yourself a battery case. Yes! It is an extra thing you’ve to carry, but it’s worth your craze for the game.

So you’ve come across all effective ways to save battery life in Pokémon Go. Now it’s time to do some practical. So hurry up! Grab yourself an iPhone or an Android Smartphone, apply above tips and save battery life in Pokémon Go and enjoy the game for a longer time.

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5 effective ways to save battery life in Pokémon Go
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5 effective ways to save battery life in Pokémon Go
Here in this post, we'll discuss five effective ways to save battery life in Pokémon Go. These tips will help you to play this addictive game a little longer.
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