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10 coolest Mozilla Firefox hidden features

We all love Mozilla Firefox and that is why we regularly come up with useful posts like tips and tricks, extensions, and this time…Firefox hidden features!

Firefox by Mozilla is one of the most favorite open-source web browsers. It’s sure great, right out of the box with its wide array of under the hood features that shine through many reviewers’ tests. Where all browsers share specific functionality and even inspire from each other, there are still a few features that stays unique to each. Firefox is no different.

You might be familiar with the third-party add-ons and extensions that amplify Firefox’s utility, yet there are loads of tricks and Firefox hidden features already added into the software yet you might be missing until now.

So let’s get have a look at the 10 most interesting Firefox hidden features:

  1. Turn On Secret Animation in Firefox Options Window

It’s definitely my favorite Firefox hidden features that has been lying there since long time in Firefox, but rarely comes enabled by default. It’s shocking why Mozilla developers never promoted this superb feature and even don’t offer any option to toggle it on/off in Firefox preferences window!

Well, the feature is just about enabling excellent slide animation in Firefox preferences window. It seems more like Safari preferences window animation…isn’t it!

Now when you turn this feature on and open Mozilla Firefox options and switch between different tabs, the Options window will change its height automatically contingent upon the number of options in the specific tab. While adjusting the window height, you will see a cute slide animation in Firefox.

  1. Preview or instantly apply preferences without quitting options window

The options window-related trick is also among the oft-missed Firefox hidden features. When you try to change some setting using Firefox Options window, you have to click on OK to apple the changes. Once you click OK, the options window disappears as there’s no APPLY option in the Firefox Options window.

At times, you may just want to check what a specific option does, but you can’t do it until you close Options window. No worries, the secret Firefox feature saves you here. It turns on Instant Apply feature for Firefox preferences so now when you toggle an option on/off in Firefox Options window, the browser instantly applies the change. You no more need to click on OK button now.

  1. Toggle On Click and Hold Context Menu feature

This is one of the awesome Firefox hidden features that let you display context menu (right-click menu) for a hyperlink with just a left-click on it and then holding it for 2 seconds. The majority of people who’ve tried this trick found it helpful as it ends the need for right-clicking a link just to reach context menu.

  1. Turn On Middle-Click to paste Clipboard Content feature

This again falls in the category of brilliant Firefox hidden features by letting you paste the clipboard content simply by middle-clicking in a text box or Firefox addressbar or search box. Doing so, you don’t need to right-click and select paste option or go for any keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Enable IE Style Quick Tabs

Turn on IE Style Quick Tabs

The Internet Explorer’s Quick Tabs-like hidden feature is known as All Tabs Previews in Mozilla Firefox. It puts a square icon in Tab bar which displays a list of live thumbnails of the opened tabs in Firefox.

  1. Turn On Ctrl+Tab Preview Thumbnails

Enable Ctrl+Tab to preview thumbnails

Yes, the feature sounds like Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8’s Alt+Tab feature. If you press Alt+Tab keys simultaneously in Windows, it displays a list of live thumbnails of all running programs. Luckily, Firefox also offers similar feature.

Providing a thumbnail view of all running tabs with Ctrl+Tab keys together, the trick manages to rank among best Firefox hidden features.

  1. Move Scrollbar Left

Move scrollbar from right to left

The feature is a blessing for left-handers. You have noticed by far that the scrollbar is by default, shown on the right side of the screen. Using this ultimate feature, you can easily move scrollbar from right to left side of the screen.

  1. Display maximized tabs below Titlebar

Show tabs below Titlebar in maximized mode

When running in normal mode, i.e. without maximized settings, the Firefox tab bar is shown below the Titlebar. But as soon as you maximize Firefox window, the tab bar shifts automatically to the top and starts showing up in Titlebar.

When you enable the feature, it will display the tab bar always in a separate row below Titlebar even if Firefox window is in maximum mode.

  1. Reset Firefox Master password

Mozilla Firefox lets you set a master password to safeguard your locally saved credentials like passwords, usernames, etc. Even if you forget your master password, you can still access by following some simple steps to reset or remove password in Firefox.

  1. More screen space

You can make your icons small. Just go to View < Toolbars < Customize < Check the use small icons box.

So these were the handy Firefox hidden features you must give a try now. Follow them and experience a better and easier time using your favorite Mozilla browser.

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10 coolest Mozilla Firefox hidden features
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10 coolest Mozilla Firefox hidden features
Here are 10 best Firefox hidden features to revive your browsing experience. Follow any or all to know what you have been missing out of the box.
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