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How to record Skype calls and video on your PC

Skype is definitely an amazing online tool to connect with relatives, friends, colleagues, clients, no matter where they reside. Online communication through Skype helps stay in touch with people we cannot reach instantly. Today, millions of people have Skype account and use Skype for a long time but do you ever wondered how alluring it would be if we could record our Skype calls and Video so that if we want to listen or see our dear ones again we don’t have to look for photos. Sometimes people cannot find time to come online; in that case we can use our recorded calls to hear what we missed. But sadly, Skype does not have this beneficial function and it is a great disadvantage. Not to worry my friends for this case you can record Skype calls and videos on your system.

You can utilize a free tool called Pamela to record your conversation and can listen whenever you wish to.

Let’s get started with how use the tool to record Skype calls and videos on your PC:

  1. Install Skype for Windows Desktop (Pamela won’t work on Windows 8 modern app). Now, follow the instructions to download and install:
  2. Go to Pamela for Skype website, i.e.
  3. Click on the free Pamela basic version (under demo version) which provides you 15 minutes duration to record (you can upgrade this feature if you want longer recording duration)
  4. Click on save file and then go to web browser’s download Select it
  5. Go through the instructions to install Pamela and select a suitable language

Now, you are ready to record. Fire up Skype for desktop after you have opened Pamela as Skype will encounter Pamela and display message to window about third party working with Skype. Next time, when you make or receive any call on Skype, Pamela will ask you to record. You can use the menubar options of start, pause or end recording.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Pamela and now happily record Skype calls and videos on your PC.

Pamela also has many built-in features for fun that involves joyful emoticons for text messages to show your feelings. A series of sound effects occurs from the menubar, which you can play during call.

Furthermore, if you wish to record your own voice, you can do so by activating “Custom Recording” by selecting microphone icon from the Pamela’s menu bar. Pamela also has “enhanced mood” feature, where you can show how you feel and let everybody know.

Pamela includes many spotty features so check out how many surprises it has in there for you. Enjoy Pamela and record Skype calls and videos on your PC with ease!

Read more about Skype at: Microsoft improves Skype file sharing support with 300MB limit

How to record Skype calls and video on your PC
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How to record Skype calls and video on your PC
You can record Skype calls and videos using our easy tutorial. The guide will help you record Skype videos as well in your PC.
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