use add ins for MS Office
How to install and use add ins in MS Office

Microsoft Office lets you add more utility with add-ins. The advanced add-ins are compatible with Office for iPad, Office for Mac, Office Online. They work much more than mere traditional desktop versions of Office for Windows. You can install and use add ins for MS Office for all sets – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, and even with SharePoint.

These add-ins lets you operate task from translating text to searching the web for scheduling a meeting and calling an Uber.

How about we get started with the guide to install and use add ins for MS Office:


From where and how to install add ins for MS Office

It’s easy to install and then use add ins for MS Office. You are offered with two ways to do so.

  • Open any Microsoft Office app and then click on Insert tab on the ribbon
  • Click on Add-ins icon on the bar
  • Select Store

The screenshot shows MS Word 2016 for Windows. The same option is also available in other MS Office apps and Word for other platforms as well like Word for Mac, Word for iPad, and Word Online.

install add-ins in MS Office

You will see a Store pane. It lets you browse and search for available add-ins

Store pane panel in Office

Visit the Office Store website online. It serves you with a complete list of add-ins available for whole set of MS Office apps.

Office Store website


How to open Add-ins in MS Office

  • Once you have found the add-ins you need, click the add-in
  • Click on Trust It so that the add-in gets access to the contents of any docs you use with the select add-in

open add-ins in MS Office

When you open Office Store from within any Microsoft Office app, the add-in instantly appears in a sidebar at the side of your doc.

Add-in at side of the doc in Word

If you installed add-ins in MS Office from the Office Store on the internet, you will need to first click the Add icon on the add-in’s page and then sign in using your Microsoft account (in case if you haven’t yet). You need to use the same Microsoft account that you use for MS Office.

Add-in Office Store

  • Once you have signed in, open the Office app you want to use add-in with
  • Click on Insert < Add-ins < My Add-ins < Refresh link at the top-right edge of the window (if the added add-in isn’t visible yet).
  • Click on the add-in from the list synced with your account
  • Click OK
  • Now the add-in will be loaded in your Office program

Forget not to sign in with the same Microsoft account you use on the web.

Load add-in in Office program


Working with add-ins

Once you have completed the task using an add-in, you can close it by simply clicking on the “X” icon in the sidebar. Drag and drop the top of the add-in pane if you want to relocate it at the left side of your doc. You can also turn it into a floating window visible over your document.

Working with Add-ins in Word

You can load another add-in or reload an add-in you already closed. Just select add-in from Insert < Add-ins.

If you wish, you can also have multiple add-in panels opened simultaneously (if there’s enough room on your screen).

If you don’t need an add-in to be synced with your account, just hover over it in the My Add-ins Window and then click on the three dot ellipsis “…” menu and select Remove.

My add-ins options

Add-ins are synced to your Microsoft account, so once you have added them, you will have instant access from the My Add-ins menu on other computer and devices as well.

So this was the simple image-rich tutorial to help you install and use add ins for MS Office. Let us know in the comments section if it helped.

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How to install and use add ins in MS Office
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How to install and use add ins in MS Office
You can easily use add ins for MS Office to increase it functionality. Here is a quick guide to get you stated with installation and use.
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