Imagine you’re not a native English speaker and want to use your Mac in a different language, or you’ve moved to a different region and want to change it on your Mac. In both cases, you can change the settings in OS X. Your Mac will display everything in your preferred language: currency, folder names, date format, icon names, everything. This might be useful in many ways, so it’s important to know that how it is actually done. Here we will discuss how to change Mac Language and Region Settings. Let’s get started:

How to change Mac Language and Region Settings

Change Mac language

To change Mac Language and Region Settings, you’ll need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Launch Language & Region pane in System Preferences. It lets you control which language you want to show in the OSX
Language Preferences
Step 2. Click the “+” symbol at the bottom of preferred languages panel

Step 3. Select the language you want to choose. When you choose a second language, a dialog box will appear, prompting you to choose our primary language
Choose primary language
Step 4. In case you don’t change you preferred language when the system prompts you, you can always click and drag the language into your desired order
Select your primary language
Step 5. After you are finished with choosing your preferred language, you’ll need to restart your Mac

After restart, everything in your Mac will appear in French language.

Change Region settings

Now let’s talk about changing the region settings. For this you’ll need to:

Step 1. Launch Language & Region pane in System Preferences, like you did in first case
Change region
Step 2. Now if you’ll change your region from U.S to Greece, you’ll notice that the timezone and currency is automatically changed, this happens to every region you add. The details are changed automatically
Step 3. Click Advanced button in the lower right corner to open advanced options. It allows you to customize your region settings as per your own demand
Date format change
For Example, if you don’t want to change the region, but want to change the date format:

  • Click the OK button in the lower left corner

Similarly if you want to your long date format from displaying the full name of the name to shortened format. You can:
Change month format

  • Click the arrow next to January and pick the format style such as Jan or J

After you’re done with the changes, click OK button.

Next when you restart your Mac, you’ll see that the date and time formats have changed.

Gentle Reminder

In case you’ve messed up things and don’t know how to fix them, don’t panic! You can undo the changes by pressing Restore Defaults button present at the lower left corner.

So you’ve successfully come across on how to change Mac language and Region settings. Now it’s time for some practical. So grab your Mac, apply above tips and set a new language and region format on your device. It will be indeed new experience. Don’t dare to miss it. Enjoy!

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How to change Mac language and region settings
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How to change Mac language and region settings
Here in this tutorial we'll guide you on how to change Mac language and region settings. The tutorial will be helpful if you want use another language.
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