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15 Microsoft Edge shortcuts you need to know

The aim of shortcuts is to make your browsing experience on the web a little easier and faster. This is the reason we have come up this time with some useful Microsoft Edge shortcuts for keyboards to get your web browsing session going.


Here is a handy list of 15 Microsoft Edge shortcuts you can use to more efficiently browse the web on Microsoft’s latest OS.


  1. Switch to next or previous tab

Use CTRL+ Tab to switch to next tab to the right and press CTRL+ Shift+ Tab to switch to previous tab.

  1. Move to specific tab

To switch to a specific tab simply use CTRL+ number key from 1-9. For instance, to jump to the first tab press CTRL+1 or press CTRL+8 to jump to the fifth tab. This Microsoft Edge shortcuts for keyboard  is only useful when you want to open tabs number in the single digits.

  1. Close current tab

To close the current tab of Microsoft Edge simply press CTRL+ W instead of moving to the little X. If it happens accidently then hit CTRL+SHIFT+T and get back to the previously closed tab.

  1. Open link in new tab

Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts

If you want to open a link in a new tab then just hit CTRL+click. Similarly, hit CTRL+SHIFT+click to open a link in a new tab and jump to it. You can also use Shift+click to open a link in a new window.

  1. Duplicate tab

In case you need to open your current tab one more time then hit CTRL+K to open a copy of your current tab.

  1. Add current page to your favorites or reading lists

This is another useful Microsoft Edge shortcuts for keyboard that allows you to save your current page to favorites or reading list. To do so, simply hit CTRL+D.

  1. Minimize your Edge window

Instead of navigating to the (–) icon resting at the top right of your screen simply press ALT+Spacebar+N to minimize your Edge window.

  1. Browse in private

Microsoft Edge

Sometimes we need to browse the web privately as private browsing blocks some websites from tracking your behaviour along with protecting your private information. To open in-private window, hit CTRL+Shift+P and surf the web as you desire.

  1. Shift current tab to new window

This Microsoft Edge shortcuts is really handy if you want to open your current tab in a new Edge window. To do so, hit CTRL+Shift+N.

  1. Open search in the address bar  

Instead of hitting into the address bar, you can press CTRL+E to open your search query in the address bar. Likewise, you can hit CTRL+F to find text like phrase or keyword on the page.

  1. Jump to top or bottom

To move to the top or bottom of a page a simple Microsoft Edge shortcuts  is there. Simply press the End key to move to the bottom of a page and press the Home key to get back to the top.

  1. Open reading mode

To enter the reading mode of Microsoft Edge browser for viewing a clean and clutter-free page simply press CTRL+Shift+R.

  1. Zoom in/out

If you are finding problem reading a text on a page because of really small font size, hit CTRL+ Plus sign to zoom in. Likewise to zoom out, press CTRL+ minus sign. To navigate back to the default zoom level of a page, press CTRL+ Zero.

  1. Stop/Reload a page

In case the page you open not loaded properly then hit Esc to stop and hit CTRL+R or F5 to reload the page.

  1. Return to your Home page

No matter where your web searches take you, you can always return home with simple Microsoft Edge shortcuts. Instead of following a long process, simply press Alt+Home and go home.

Give these useful Microsoft Edge shortcuts a try! If you have any other Microsoft Edge shortcuts for keyboard in your arsenal then give your share in the comments section.

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15 Microsoft Edge shortcuts you need to know
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15 Microsoft Edge shortcuts you need to know
Check out our list of 15 Microsoft Edge shortcuts you can use to browse the web more efficiently on Microsoft's latest OS.
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