tips every pokemon go user should know
tips every pokemon go user should know

Pokémon Go, this game has emerged as quite favorite among users. People are just crazy after it. As soon as the game launched, people have been continuously searching for tips and tricks which might come handy to catch those nasty little Pokémon and survive the competition from other players. Sensing this need, Here we’ve come up with best tips every Pokémon Go user should know to get along with the game and play hard.

Best tips every Pokémon Go user should know

Here we’ll discuss 15 best tips every Pokemon Go user should follow to get started and get going:

1. The app uses a combination of your step count and GPS location to hatch eggs

There are reports of some people attaching their phones to bicycle wheel, Roombas, and their dogs in order to hatch eggs. If you are one of them then let me tell you, there is no use of it. The app uses the combination of your step count and GPS location to hatch eggs. So, unless you actually move around enough for the GPS to register it, you won’t see any progress.

2. There’s a way to get Pikachu as your starter Pokémon

starter Pokemon
Yes there’s a way to get Pikachu as your starter Pokémon. Just continually run away from your first battle with the starter Pokémon you choose. Pikachu will appear as the starter option. You can also check out this video for help.

3. That curve on your Pokémon’s profile indicates it’s potential

curve above profile
You must’ve noticed a curve on your Pokémon’s profile. This curve indicates its potential, which is quite a crucial factor in deciding whether you should evolve a Pokémon or not.

4. Each pawprint on the Pokémon tracker represents about a 100-meter distance

Each pawprint on the Pokémon tracker equals about a 100-meter distance, which means you’ve to run about three football fields if you come across the silhouette of that dragon you’re looking for so long.

5. Your eggs won’t gain hatching progress if you travel faster than 15 mph

Yet another among tips every Pokémon Go user should know is if you’re traveling faster than 15 mph, your eggs are not going to gain hatching progress. Some claim it’s 12 mph, still there are no chances to make any progress if you’re driving.

6. Turning off AR (When you encounter a Pokémon) will save battery life

Even if it will not make a huge difference, but turning off AR will utilize less battery power, which will add up more time. This trick is really worth it. You must try it once.

7. You can also train with the Pokémon at your gym for extra XP and Gym Prestige

In case you already have a spot at a gym, then instead of fighting with other Pokémon there, you can train. You can choose only one of your Pokémon at a time. Indeed it will lose some HP, but will gain XP and Gym Prestige at the end. This is not a bad idea after all.

8. Gym is one of the best sources of XP if you run a lot

run away and win energy
If you go into a gym battle, defeat the first opponent and then run. You’ll still receive XP from the encounter. You can again come back and receive XP every hour. This way you can collect a decent amount of XP every hour.

9. Stock up on Lucky eggs to use them right before you’re about to hatch a lot of eggs or evolve a lot of Pokémon

Lucky Egg
In case you want to level up fast, you must have at least on Lucky Egg. Then get a bunch of candy and incubate some eggs until they’re ready to hatch. Next time you pop the Lucky Egg, you’ll get double XP for next 30 minutes. Moreover, if you hatch these eggs and get new Pokémon out of them, you’ll again receive 1,000 XP each. Pretty impressive way to evolve a lot of Pokémon.

10. There’s also an update that help fixing annoying bugs

This week the game has received an update that lets you fix different bugs. Now you don’t have to log in again every time you quit the app and correct the data the app has access to in your Google account.

11. Choose to rename your most used Pokémon with their types and abilities to know which ones to pick in your gym battles

rename Pokemons as per their ability
Since the battles are real-time, it’s quite tough to grab the right Pokémon for the matchup quickly. So you should rename them according to their type and abilities. This will help you to make quick decisions and win the battle more efficiently.

12. You’ll have to travel outside your area to complete your Pokédex

Visit Outside
Pokémon in your area might be different than the Pokémon in your neighbourhood. So you may need to travel to other cities, states or even countries to collect them all.

13. Factors like weather and time of day will affect the type of Pokémon you encounter

Seems quite funny, but it’s true. Dark and ghost Pokémon reportedly come out more often at night, while the water-type Pokémon are most likely to show when it’s raining. So which Pokémon you’ll encounter depends on the weather and time of day of your area.

14. if the game freezes while you’re capturing a Pokémon and you’ve to quite out, just check your journal when you log in again

You journal keeps detail of all your encounters. It will tell you everything that if a particular Pokémon was caught or ran away during a particular encounter. So don’t forget to check your journal when you log in again after your game freezes and you’ve to quit out.

15. There are Level-up rewards for levels 1-20, if you’re curious

There are plenty of rewards for levels 1-20. You just need to complete the milestones and collect the rewards.

Our list of best tips every Pokémon Go user should know ends here. You’ve successfully come across all these best tips every Pokémon Go user should know. Now it’s time to implement these tips practically and enjoy!

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15 best tips every Pokémon Go user should know
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15 best tips every Pokémon Go user should know
Here in this post we've come up with 15 best tips every Pokémon Go user should know. These tips will help you to survive the competition from other players
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