Planet Of The Apps
Planet of the Apps will be co-produced by Propagate Content.

Planet of the Apps! Wait; is there a typo? Umm…no. It’s actually an all-new TV show co-produced by Apple. Apple will make its debut in the TV show production space with a TV show focused entirely on app development and app developers. An open casting call for the show will be open till August 26.

The name “Planet of the Apps” itself gives a basic idea about what kind of show it is going to be. In addition to throw light on apps and their creators, the show will tell about all the emotions and story behind an app and the worth that it brings with itself.



Endorsed as “A groundbreaking new series about apps and their creators,” the show will assist participants in app building. Apple will be aided by Propagate Content, a new production company led by former National Geographic Channels president Howard T. Owens, to bring the new side venture to fruition.

Propagate Content has announced an open Internet casting call for the show, online till August 26. For applying, you need to be able to demonstrate an iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS app by October 21. The app needs to be either in a functional state or in its beta, as other app states will be ruled out by the show producers. & Ben Silverman

Planet of the Apps will be backed by 2 immensely popular personalities. Popular hip-hop artist of the R&B group The Black Eyed Peas and Founder and Chairman of the entertainment production company Electus’s Ben Silverman, will assume the role of Executive Producers for the first TV show produced by Apple.

“We can really tell their stories as we explore how apps are developed and created and incubated,” said Silverman.

Out of the numerous applications sent to the show for starring, only 100 of them will get the chance to star in the show. These 100 developers will be benefitted with Mentorship, Funding, and Marketing and Promotion from the show’s producers.

During the run of the one of its own kind of TV show, the Planet of the Apps cast & crew will visit four major locations in the US; Austin, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

Planet of the Apps Locations

In addition to submit an application for the show, you can also upload a 1-minute video (not exceeding 30 MB in size) that validates why the show must accept you. Basically, with the video you need to illustrate how your app is useful “for solving real problems and inspiring change within our daily lives?”

Planet of the Apps’ format and other major details are still unclear. According to the show’s official website, the opening season will be having Los Angeles as its primary setting and will be shot from late 2016 to early 2017.

How to apply for Planet of the Apps 

If you think you have an interesting app story and an app that can revolutionize the world, visit now to apply and seize the chance to acquire invaluable help for developing your app.

Planet of the Apps to narrate stories behind revolutionary apps
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Planet of the Apps to narrate stories behind revolutionary apps
Planet of the Apps is the first TV show produced by Apple. The show will tell stories behind revolutionary apps and will be shot in the US.
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