How To Get Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go makes use of Augmented Reality.

Pokemon Go has been around for a week now, and it is already being enjoyed by millions of Pokemaniacs in Australia, New Zealand and the US. Unfortunately, users from regions other than these have no other choice to make than to wait patiently for an official release of the “gotta catch’em all!” game in their region. Wait! Is there any way around? Yes, of course. Proceed further to know how to get Pokemon Go in India and other regions as well.

The instant hit game received a much warm reception from gamers all around the globe, and proved to be a profitable asset for Nintendo.

Pokemon Go

For the moment, the game isn’t officially available on Play Store and iTunes if you’re living in some location other than the Australia, New Zealand or the US. However, that can’t let some Pokemon lovers, such as apkmirror and hipstore, arrange the game available for fellow Pokemaniacs around the world!

The game lets you roam in the real world and catch Pokemon lurking out in the actual streets, parks and alleyways; right from your smartphone. All this is made possible by making use of Augmented Reality that automatically turns on your device’s camera to know what Pokemon is standing right next to the tree in front of you.

Can’t wait to catch your first Pokemon? Alright then, here is how to get Pokemon Go on your Android/iOS device.

How to get Pokemon Go on Android

Pokemon Go_On Android

  • Open Settings on your Android device
  • Under the Personal tab, tap on Security
  • Check the Unknown sources checkbox
  • Visit here
  • Tap on the DOWNLOAD APK button to start downloading the game on your Android device
  • Upon download completion, swipe down the notification panel and tap on the downloaded Pokemon Go apk
  • Follow the step-by-step installation process
  • Launch the game from the Pokemon Go icon added to your homescreen

How to get Pokemon Go on iOS

Pokemon Go_iOS

  • Go to here
  • Tap on the Download now button
  • Under the Non Jailbreak tab, select 1.0
  • A message will flash with 2 options, hit Install, the game will now start downloading on your iOS device
  • Hit the game icon to start the game

(Note:- Due to the Pokemon Go rush, the link can get stuck at times. Try again if this happens.)

To be honest, the game is not much enjoyable right now for normal users (diehard Pokefans will still love it because they are the diehard fans!). This is so because the game servers are already having a lot of load and is falling short of managing the incredible number of Pokemon Go lovers.

However, this is no reason to feel low as the game developers are trying best in their capacity to bring a seamless experience for the game lovers. The worldwide release for the game is postponed so that the devs can get some time to bring more servers into play for providing a better streamlined gameplay for all Pokefans.

Gotta catch’em all!

How to get Pokemon Go in India and other regions
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How to get Pokemon Go in India and other regions
Pokemon Go is the most trending gaming topic at the moment. Know how to get Pokemon Go in India and other regions as well.
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