Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go makes use of AR.

Pokemon Go has escalated Nintendo market evaluation to $7.5 bn. SimilarWeb, a Web analytics firm, estimated that the game was installed on about 5% of all Android running devices in the US, just within 2 days of its official release in the country.

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Before the release of Nintendo Go, nobody could think what a 20-year old franchise could do with Augmented Reality but now we all know what it’s like. It’s not yet been a whole week since the game was released for Android and iOS, and the game is already making gold for its investors.

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The perfect blend of the immensely popular Pokemon franchise and the modern-day AR technology allows you to seek and capture Pokémon while wandering near real places, like your garden and your local park.

According to SimilarWeb data, the game has a rising number of daily active users that is currently tied up with no. of daily active users of Twitter. Another insight from the Web analytics firm suggests that on an average, a single Pokemon Go user is spending 43 minutes on the mobile app which is far more than daily time spent on Instagram or WhatsApp.

“If nothing else, Pokémon Go has shown that there are ‘dormant’ Nintendo fans eager to trial its content for smartphones.” – a excerpt from a note by Deutsche Bank analysts.

The game is developed by Niantic that chipped off from Google in 2015, while Nintendo serves as the game publisher for Pokémon Go.

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Niantic developed another multiplayer AR game dubbed Ingress back in 2012 – when it was a part of Google – that also offered location-based game mechanics. Pokémon Company and Nintendo, both have stakes in the Pokémon Go developer.

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The early success of Nintendo’s first venture in mobile gaming has cheered the investors, and provided the necessary enthusiasm for mobile games that Nintendo have in mind for the later part of 2016 and early 2017. Till now, the game has earned critically positive reviews save for server load times and frequent crashes.

Nintendo shares have soared almost ¼ times more than what it was earlier before the release of the game. Pokemon Go has become the top free app in the iTunes US app chart, making it the fastest app to escalate rolls on the iTunes US list.

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Thus far, the game has been officially launched in Australia, New Zealand and the US. A European release for the game was postponed after the server crash issues were encountered in the 3 regions. Pokemon GO is planned to be released soon to other Pokémon-loving regions such as China and India.

The earnings Nintendo is making from the game are astonishing owing to the fact that the game is free, and the world’s largest video game company by revenue is not the single investor in the game.

Thought the first mobile gaming venture by Nintendo has provided an impressive start, it is still a matter to mull whether the game will be able to carry the momentum along. As for the comapny’s primary gaming business, it depends on gaming consoles.

For now, Nintendo is busy with the development of its next-gen console codenamed Nintendo NX.

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According to investors and market experts, real profit for the Nintendo will come solely by its core console business.

Pokemon Go takes Nintendo market evaluation to soaring $7.5 bn
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Pokemon Go takes Nintendo market evaluation to soaring $7.5 bn
Pokemon Go was released on 6th July 2016 for Android and iOS in the US, Australia and New Zealand. The game has increased Nintendo market value to $7.5 bn.
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