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iPhone 7

Even if Apple’s Fall iPhone event is several months away, rumors have started gearing up. Thousands of assumptions and claims are being made about the upcoming iPhone 7. One of the latest rumors claims that Apple will introduce the upcoming iPhone during the event. Out of all these, very few things can be believed to be true, rest of them are just plain rumors. Here’s what we can expect in the upcoming iPhone 7:

What to expect in upcoming iPhone 7

1. There will be two models with different screen sizes

there will be two different screensized models
Just like its predecessor iPhone 6, the next iPhone is expected to arrive in two screen sizes, the standard 4.7-inch screen model and plus model with a 5.5-inch screen.

2. It might not be called the iPhone 7

might not be called the iPhone 7
Based on Apple’s nomenclature for its iPhone generations, many predicted the upcoming iPhone as iPhone 7.

However certain news sites claim that the upcoming iPhone model is actually a new member for iPhone 6 family, instead of a brand new generation of iPhone. So instead of calling it the iPhone 7, calling it the next iPhone will be more justified.

3. There will be a new dual lens camera, but it might be exclusive to the bigger Plus model

dual camera
As per the report by prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, the plus model of upcoming iPhone 7 will feature a dual lens camera.

Also, the leaked images of the dual camera module intended for the upcoming iPhone were circulated from a Taiwanese Apple Blog.

Moreover, a case originally designed for the upcoming iPhone was leaked on twitter. It clearly showed a camera cut-out that seemed quite wide enough to accommodate a dual lens camera.

So these all leaks and viral posts verify the fact that the plus model of upcoming iPhone 7 comes with dual lens.

4. iPhone 7 can be thicker than the iPhone 6s

thicker than iPhone 6S
There were rumors that the upcoming iPhone will be thinner than its predecessor iPhone 6. However this is not the truth.

According to some reports and leaked schematics, iPhone 7 will be 7.3mm thicker, while the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are 6.9mm and 7.1mm, respectively.

5. The new iPhone will survive drops in water

will survive water drops
The new compound materials along with a lack of headphone jack ensure that the iPhone 7 will be the most waterproof iPhone till date.

6. It can have a Smart Connector

can have smartconnect
As per a sketchy source and some leaked schematics, it was rumored that the new iPhone will come with the Smart Connector, recently featured in the new iPad Pro. However, later on some reports denied the rumor, but we still can’t deny the fact. The leaked schematics can arrive from any stage of the iPhone 7’s development.

Also it’s still not clear that what a Smart Connector’s role will be on the next iPhone. On iPad Pro, the Smart Connector allows you attach and connect the Smart Keyboards. Perhaps the iPhone maker wants to roll out the Smart Connector feature on iPhone.

7. It won’t have a headphone jack

won't have headphone jack
According to rumors, the new iPhone mightn’t have a headphone jack. Several leaked images and schematics clearly signify that the iPhone 7 will not feature headphone jack. From its place, we’ll be using the iPhone’s Lightning port, which is currently used for charging, for listening to music. You can also use Bluetooth headphones.

If rumors are to be believed, Apple and other audio hardware companies will start selling adapters to connect your old 3.5mm headphones to the iPhone’s lightning port.

8. It will come with lightning EarPods

lightning earpods
Since the next iPhone wouldn’t have a headphone jack. You’ll need to connect your EarPods to the lightening port, which is currently used for charging. Hence the next iPhone will feature the lightning connectors.

9. iPhone 7 might have two speakers

two speakers
As per new reports, the iPhone 7 will feature two speakers. The new speaker will reside where the old 3.5mm used to be.

Some leaked images showing a missing headphone jack also show gaps in the case for two speakers.

However, some other reports deny the rumor. They show only one set of speakers just like the current iPhone 6s generation has. But if Apple has ditched the headphone jack, it might want to fill that space with something useful.

10. It might’ve wireless charging

Wireless charging
There are chances that you might be charging the next iPhone wirelessly, since Apple has ditched the headphone jack and has introduced the Lightning port. The same Lightning port can be used to charging as well as listening to music.

However, it’s still not clear that you can charge your iPhone simultaneously, while listening to music.

11. The new iPhone might not have a home button

might not have home button
According to reports, the iPhone’s default home button as well as the fingerprint sensor might be replaced by an invisible touch sensor in the next iPhone 7.

However, we’ll still see a home button in leaked schematics, but there is no indication that whether it’s a touch button or a mechanical button.

12. The new iPhone will run Apple’s new A10 chip

will run Apple A10
According to a rumor, the next iPhone will run on the latest chip being called the A10.

The iPhone 6S’ A9 chip makes it the most powerful iPhone at this moment. With the new A10 chip, both the power and efficiency of the new iPhone will be ultimately boosted. It will give the next iPhone better cellular performance and ultimate efficiency.

13. The new iPhone will feature a bigger battery

bigger battery
If rumors are to be believed, the next iPhone will have a bigger battery than the previous iPhone 6s generation battery.

Here’s a leaked image of the battery intended for the next iPhone and it’s bigger than the previous iPhone 6s.

However, the first leak claims that the new iPhone will have a 3,100 mAh battery, while the second leak claims that it’ll be 2,810 mAh. Exact battery size is still not clear.

14. The new iPhone will be announced in September

will be announced in september
Just like several previous iPhone models, Apple will announce the next iPhone in early September. However, there can be delay of a week or two.

15. It will cost around $650

We all know that the iPhone 6s without two-year contract costs $649, and the iPhone 6S Plus costs you $749. So we can easily expect that how much the new iPhone will cost.Also since US carriers are not offering two-year contracts anymore, you can’t buy an iPhone for $200. So either you’ll have to pay the whole amount, or pay it in monthly installments. You can either use your carrier’s monthly payment plan, or Apple’s own payment plan.

This is all we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 7. There are lot of rumors about the upcoming iPhone but not all the rumors can be true. Still to verify which rumors are true and which are not, we’ll need to wait till September when Apple will launch the iPhone. Till then, stay tuned for more iPhone 7 updates!

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15 things to expect in upcoming iPhone 7
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15 things to expect in upcoming iPhone 7
Even if the release date of Apple's iPhone 7 is few months, rumors have started heating up. Here's what to expect in the upcoming iPhone.
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