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Online image editors are much fun to use.

Photo editing is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea. Still, there is a need every now and then for carrying out some minor image recuperating tasks. No one, except the deliberately dedicated designers, would like to install a full-fledged bulky photo editing software like Photoshop for applying some minor touch ups to their photos. Moreover, most of the casual users wouldn’t like to install any photo editing software at all. So, if you’re one of those trapped-in-dilemma users who don’t wish to install any heavy photo editing software on their system, but still want to use one for enhancing images, there’s a possible way around. We have gathered here the 5 best online photo editors 2016, so choose’em up and get going!

Although a number of online photo editors have existed for quite a time now, not each of them are as powerful and simple to use as those mentioned on the list to follow. Can’t wait to know? Ok, then; let’s get started.

5 best online photo editors 2016


    1. lets you easily do all the required image fine tuning. The online photo editor is completely free and simply fun to use! Whether you need to apply a simple filter to your image or require basic cropping and resizing, lets you do it all with super ease. Moreover, the tool lets you adjust simple image attributes like brightness, contrast and hue. You are free to choose frames and stickers from’s huge roster featuring hundreds of stickers, and several customizable frames and borders. You can even upload your Facebook photos to edit with the online tool.

  2. PIXLR

    2. PIXLR

    PIXLR is another free to use online editing tool. The tool is available in 2 different variants, PIXLR EDITOR and PIXLR EXPRESS. While PIXLR EDITOR is an advanced online image editor that lets you go in-depth with images to tweak color, objects and details, PIXLR EXPRESS lets you bruise up images quickly with several available presets. With PIXLR EXPRESS, you can easily make a fancy collage of all your favorite photos. Furthermore, PIXLR EDITOR lets you work with layers for advance image editing.

  3. Fotor

    3. Fotor

    The third entry on our list of  5 best online photo editors list is Fotor. The online image editing tool lets you edit images, make collages and create superb designs; all at one place. It also lets you work with HDR images to create truly stunning photos in high quality. The online image editing service offers a beauty retouching kit that allows you to quickly enhance photos. You can create photo montages for birthdays, anniversary or simply for fun. Fotor lets you work with colors, effects, shapes, image tuning, etc. to craft the best photos. The photo editing tool is available in a number of languages.

  4. Befunky

    4. befunky

    Befunky lets you do quick image retouching with frames and filters. For advanced image editing, it lets you create everything from striking banners to interest-adhering posters and everything in between. The tool is primarily available in 3 different tiers; Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Designer. Befunky lets anyone create wonderful images with a little or no knowledge about image editing. If you simply want to skip all the hard work, you can make use of the number of templates already available at the website.

  5. PicMonkey

    5. PicMonkey

    PicMonkey features a very simple and intuitive interface that lets you quickly add effects to images. You simply need to load a photo from your desktop, and start working. You can also upload images from you Facebook, OneDrive and Dropbox account. The tool primarily serves 4 distinct features; Edit, Touch Up, Design, and Collage. Edit lets you tweak images ranging from applying simple color effects to full-fledged alteration with layers, image attributes, quality, etc. Touch Up feature is especially designed to tune images of humans with various effects for skin, eyes, and other physical features. PicMonkey’s Design feature lets you create designs such as banners and Facebook covers, while you can make montages with the Collage feature. A premium version of the service is available for advanced users and businesses for a fixed subscription fee.

So, these were the 5 best online photo editors 2016 that will help you to make your images cool, real quick and easy.

5 best online photo editors 2016
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5 best online photo editors 2016
Online photo editing tools lets you edit images over an active Internet connection. Check out our list of the 5 best online photo editors 2016.
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