disable lock screen in android
disable lock screen in android

No matter what kind of Android Smartphone you own, a lock screen will be the very first thing you see when you switch on your device. While this screen protects your device from unwanted user access, sometimes it may just feel annoying as it delays access to your apps by at least few seconds. Now if you are not so worried about your device’s privacy and don’t want to waste your time using the pattern and swiping your screen. You can disable the feature in a few easy steps. Here in this tutorial we’ll discuss how you can disable lock screen in Android devices. Let’s get started:

How to disable lock screen in Android?

To disable lock screen in Android devices, you need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings app

Navigate to settings

You can find the settings app in the app drawer or on the tap right corner, when you scroll down to the bottom the screen. Once you’ve located the settings app, tap the icon

Step 2. Find and tap Security

Find and tap security
Now scroll down till you find Security. Once you’ve found the option, tap to open it

Step 3. Tap Screen Lock

Tap screen lock

Now tap Screen Lock. This will open the option for you. Now if you already have an existing pattern. You’ll be asked to enter it before you can finally disable the lock screen

Step 4. Select none

select none

Tap None option to disable the lock pattern. You’ll be prompted that if you really want to disable the lock screen. Click OK to proceed further

Congratulations! Now you’ve successfully disabled lock screen in android Smartphone. Next time when you open the phone, you’ll be directly navigated to the home screen or the screen that was active when you used the phone last time.

Gentle Reminder

While disabling your lock screen eases the tension of unlocking your phone again and again, it also poses as a great risk to your device. Now anyone can access your device in case they obtain it. It will be easy for anyone to get into your device and steal confidential information. So you must consider installing Android Device Manager or other third party security apps to track, lock or erase your device in case it gets stolen.

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How to disable lock screen in Android
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How to disable lock screen in Android
In this tutorial we'll guide you on how to disable lock screen in Android devices, so that you don't to waste your time using the pattern every time you login.
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