Hidden features of Chrome
Chrome makes Web browsing much fun for you.

Google Chrome, world’s most used Web browser, is a magnificent way to surf the Web. The best thing about Chrome is its simple UI, which packs a powerful functionality under the hood. Moreover, there are several hidden features of Chrome that you might like to get familiar with. So, let’s take a look and find out that features the browser packs within.


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Hidden features of Chrome

  1. Search a Website directly from the Omnibox

    1. Omnibox Search

    You can directly search a Website using Chrome Omnibox. For doing so, simply hit Tab after inserting the URL of a site. For example, after inserting google.com in the Omnibox click Tab. You’ll be asked to enter a search term. Enter the search term and hit Enter. You’ll be redirected to the search results, without the need of going to the Google homepage.

  2. Drag multiple Chrome tabs simultaneously

    2. Multiple Chrome Tabs

    Chrome lets you easily add or remove a tab from a Chrome window. However, you can move multiple tabs at once. To do so, hold the Ctrl key (Cmd key in Mac) and click on the Chrome tabs that you need to move simultaneously.

  3. Preview images in Chrome

    3. Preview Images

    You can drag any image file into the Google Chrome window to preview it.

  4. Drag & search

    4. Highlight and search

    You can highlight & search a word or phrase from a webpage. To do so, select or highlight a word (or phrase) in a webpage and drag it onto the title bar of Google Chrome to search for the term in a new tab.

  5. Reopen closed tabs

    5. Reopen Tab

    Press Ctrl+Shift+T for opening the last closed tab. You can keep pressing the key combo to reopen more, recently-closed tabs.

  6. Instantly add a bookmark

    6. Add bookmark

    Google Chrome allows you to drag an URL to the bookmark bar for instantly saving it as a bookmark.

  7. Use 1-9 for quick browsing through tabs

    7. Quick tab browsing

    You can quickly browse between Chrome tabs using the numeric keys (1 to 9). Starting from the leftmost tab, tabs are assigned ascending numbers in the right. Hold down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and press the number key to quickly access a Chrome tab.

  8. Set Chrome startup pages

    8. Startup Pages

    You can assign Chrome to open certain webpages when you open it. For setting up the pages, go to Settings. Under the On startup tab, select the Open a specific page or set pages radio button. Then, click on the adjoining Set pages

  9. Open search results in a new Chrome tab

    9. Search in New Tab

    Hold down the Alt key (Cmd in Mac), after entering a search query in the Omnibox to open the search result in a new Chrome tab.

  10. Create a Supervised Chrome user

    10. Add supervised user

    Chrome allows you to create a Supervised Chrome user whose activity you can monitor and supervise. For creating a Supervised Chrome profile, go to Settings. Click on the Add person… button, and enter name for the profile. Select the Control and view the websites this person visits Now, click on Add. Shortly, you’ll receive a mail carrying the link to the Supervised user’s manage page. You can easily set blocked/allowed sites for the new Chrome user.

  11. Website info

    11. Website Info

    This is one of the pretty amazing hidden features of Chrome. On the left end of the Omnibox is a folded paper/lock icon. You can click this icon to retrieve a lot of info about the website you’ve currently opened in the Chrome tab.

  12. Choose default download location

    12. Download Location

    By default, all your Chrome downloads go to C:\Users\YourAccount\Downloads. However, you can change the default download location as per your requirements. To change the default download location, open Settings. Now scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and click on Show advanced settings…. Scroll down further to find a tab labelled Downloads. Click on the .. button next to the Download location: box for changing default download location.

  13. Zooming with mouse

    13. Zooming

    To zoom with mouse, simply hold down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) key and mouse wheel up or down. You can return to the default view by pressing Ctrl+0.

  14. Faster scrolling

    14. Scrolling

    You can use Spacebar to scroll down a webpage, and Shift+Spacebar for scrolling up.

  15. Summon Clear browsing data window with a key command

    15. Browsing History

    Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Shift+Cmd+Delete on Mac) to quickly open the Clear browsing data

  16. Drag & Drop link on desktop

    16. URL

    You can easily save a webpage for later viewing on your desktop. Simply, drag and drop selected URL to the desktop.

  17. Play the Chrome T-Rex game

    17. Dinosaur Run

    Chrome features a hidden game that features a T-Rex. You need to help it to avoid obstacles and run as far as possible. To play it, simply disconnect your device and then type any address in the URL bar and hit Enter. Now, you will see an error page with a T-Rex. Press Up key to start playing.

  18. Add credit card info for quick online checkouts

    18. Add Credit Card

    Chrome lets you add a credit card for faster checkouts. To add a card, head to Settings. Now, click on the Show advanced settings…. Under the Passwords and forms tab, click on Manage Autofill settings. In the next window, click on the Add new credit card… button to add a new credit card.

So, that sums up the list of 18 hidden features of Chrome.


18 hidden features of Chrome you should know
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18 hidden features of Chrome you should know
Google Chrome makes Web surfing a breeze. Improve your experience with the browser by knowing 18 hidden features of Chrome.
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