10 Mac OS hidden features you must know
10 Mac OS hidden features you must know

macOS Sierra, the 13th major version of Apple’s Desktop OS is nearing its official release. Sierra is the first Mac OS to be released after Apple rebranded its Mac OS X as macOS. For now, latest Mac devices run El Capitan, the 12th major Mac OS release. The upcoming OS update would bring some unique features to the platform, such as the split screen mode… but there’s more than that meets the eye. Before you come close to its release, why not take a look at some Mac OS Hidden Features?

El Capitan offers a lot of hidden features that you might have probably missed because of the macOS announcements. No worries though, as we’ll let you know what more can you do with your Mac running OS X El Capitan.

So, let’s discuss the best 10 Mac OS hidden features that you’ll be more than happy to know about.

10 Mac OS hidden features

  1. Multiple desktop spaces

    1. Mission Control

    Press F3 on your keyboard or do a 3-finger upward swipe on the trackpad to open Mission Control. You can simply drag a window to the top screen to add a new desktop space.

  2. 2 fullscreen apps in split view

    2. Split Screen

    El Capitan lets you use 2 apps simultaneously on a single screen. To use the Split Screen mode click and hold the green (maximize) button and drag one app to one side of the screen, and the other app to the remaining part of the screen. You can adjust the screen given to each app by adjusting the separation bar between the 2 screens.

  3. Better Spotlight results

    3. Spotlight Search

    To get better Spotlight results, make a Spotlight query when your Mac is connected to the Internet.

  4. Spotlight search made with natural language queries

    4. Spotlight NL

    You can now make Spotlight queries in natural language such as ‘Photos I took in July’.

  5. Add content to Notes from other apps

    5. Notes

    Other among hidden Mac OS features is adding content to Notes app. You can easily add content to the Notes app from native Mac apps like Safari and Apple Maps. For doing so, click on a button with a square and an arrow pointing upwards from the respective app.

  6. Browser attachments in Notes

    6. Notes App

    You can easily browse attachments in Notes app that are categorised in several categories, including Photo & Videos and Documents. Simply click on the category that you wish to browse.

  7. Easily compose messages in Mail

    7. Mail

    To easily compose messages in the Mail app, enter the full screen mode. You can now easily switch conversations while composing, use Magic Trackpad, move attachments between mails, etc.

  8. Pull out contacts and events from emails

    8. Mail Attachments

    New updated Mail app now lets you make use of several one-click options like, adding an attachment as contact and getting flight information.

  9. Mute all tabs in Safari

    9. Tab Mute

    Safari in Mac OS now lets you mute those annoying tabs. Simply, click on the speaker icon on the tab to mute a tab.

  10. Geotag photos

    10. Photos

    Now you can geotag photos in Mac OS. For doing so, open the Inspector window and click on the Assign a Location It also supports simple dragging to pin the photo to a specific location.

So, that was some list of the best 10 Mac OS hidden features.

10 Mac OS hidden features must know
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10 Mac OS hidden features must know
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