Facebook translation tool, which was only for Pages till now, is to be made available for each FB user. The tool simply reads your Facebook posts and translates the text into some other language. To serve the purpose, the FB translation tool relies on advanced machine learning.

About half of Facebook users use some native language, such as French and Italian, to communicate through the social media platform. Obviously, most of the native speakers haven’t a clue about each other’s language. So in order to fill the communication gap, FB has decided to roll out the translation tool that can help users to translate a post in several different languages.

Facebook post translation tool highlights

Facebook Posts

  • The tool lets the text to be served, in some non-English language, to only those users that have set their default language to the one that the post has been translated into. For instance, if you decide to translate your post in French then only those users that have set their default language as French will be able to view your posts.
  • Users that write most of their posts in some other languages than the one they have set as default for their FB account, will be able to view the posts translated to the language that they typically use in writing posts.
  • Posts can use a ‘targeting’ tool.
  • Users can edit the translated text, if they wish to.

The tool is already implemented on Facebook Pages, and is used about 10,000 times in a day. This fact strengthens the remark that the implementation of the translation tool for normal Facbook users will notice a much wider use.

Moreover, Facebook also has plans to make the tool better over time by making use of translated posts to enhance the underlying machine learning algorithms.

Moving on to the next news from Facebook, the big blue social network has also brought some new features for its, now-standalone, messaging platform; Facebook Messenger.

Facebook revealed that over the course of last 2-and-a-half months, more than 11k bots has been created for the messaging platform and over 23k devs have given their names for the Messenger roll call.

Bots for Messenger is a very easy way of contacting a service, without the need of making a phone call or shooting an email. The social media giant added tools for devs and businesses that are sure to enhance user experience on the platform, with the Messenger bots. Let’s check out key highlights of the new Messenger rollout.

Messenger Bots updates

Bots for Messenger

  • Tool for users to add a star-based rating and text feedback for the bot developers
  • Addition of a quick replies service for speeding up interaction with businesses
  • Inclusion of 10 dynamic buttons for streamlining consumer-business communication
  • Introduction of 5 new navigation actions
  • Addition of a new secure protocol for carrying out B2C conversations
  • Support for additional content, including GIFs, videos and files
  • Manage and mute options for Messenger bots

With new additions to Messenger Bots and the Messenger platform itself, Facebook is surely to better the platform for businesses and consumers alike.

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Facebook adds post translation tool, enhancements for Messenger Bots
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Facebook adds post translation tool, enhancements for Messenger Bots
Facebook has added a new post translation tool on its platform. Moreover, FB has brought several new updates for Bots on Messenger.
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