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Twitter night mode toggle rolled out for beta Android app

After so many years of users asking for it, Twitter Night Mode feature has been finally rolled out for beta Android app.

We all know that for a long time Twitter only focused on its official website, paying very little attention towards its official apps. Perhaps, that’s the reason why the official Twitter app hasn’t been so much popular among android users and it was long outpaced by third party offerings. Many users prefer third party Twitter apps like Flamingo and Fenix owing to better customization options and more impressive features than Twitter itself.
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However, things are quite different now. The social media giant is gradually shifting its attention towards the mobile app platform. It’s is finally rolling out features that may engage more and more users and the debut of Twitter night mode feature on the android app just proves it.

The night mode option appears as a server side update, but you should’ve already installed the latest updates along with the new Material Design UI. The toggle gives the app a slick dark blue appearance that seems quite easier on the eyes and also on the battery, in case your phone has an AMOLED display.

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When the night mode feature was in alpha testing earlier this year, it appeared to have an automation option, which meant that the mode turned On and Off automatically and users didn’t have to switch it again and again. However same is not the case with the feature that actually rolled out. There is no way to automate the day-night switch for now. You’ve to toggle it On and Off manually, every time you want to use it.

At present the Twitter night mode feature is available only on the beta Android version, there are no details about its availability for iOS yet.

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Twitter night mode toggle rolled out for beta Android app
Article Name
Twitter night mode toggle rolled out for beta Android app
Twitter night mode feature toggle is now visible on beta Android app. When the night mode was toggled on, the app interface turn completely dark blue shade.