Calendar Apps For Android
Calendar apps lets you effectively manage your schedule.

Calendar apps for Android are much admired by users looking for effectively managing their schedule. These flexible apps let you manage every single minute of your time. At present, there are a number of productive calendar apps for Android. While most of them serve their basic purpose of providing an easier way to manage schedules, there are only a few of them that can be said to be a full-fledged got-it-all calendar app. For your convenience, we’ve shortlisted 5 best calendar apps for Android in the following list:


5 best calendar apps for Android


  1. aCalendar

    1. aCalendar

    aCalendar wins the first place on our list of 5 best calendar apps for Android, for one simple reason….it’s so simple to use. The calendar application serves you with a short tutorial in the beginning that lets you learn basic controls of the app in a very easy and fun way. It lets you seamlessly switch between month, week, and day overview with a simple horizontal swipe. To scroll through days, weeks, and months you need to perform a vertical swipe on your smartphone screen. The top-left of the screen offers time and add calendar options, while top-right part of the screen provides add event, go to current day, and tools options.

  2. Business Calendar 2

    2. Business Calendar 2

    Business Calendar 2 is the successor to the popular Business Calendar app. The colorful calendar app lets you select between 2 color schemes, classic color scheme and light color scheme. All your color coded calendars can be found at the bottom of the app. The app lets you decide how many days you want the app to be displayed on the main screen. The top-left portion of the app serves you with the hamburger menu covering options like tasks and birthdays, while the top-right portion of the screen lets you; go to current day, create an event and access other calendar tools.

  3. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

    3. DigiCal

    The app opens up with a presentation that explains the main app functions. DigiCal Calendar Agenda follows a blue-black-white color scheme, and displays a horizontal split screen. While the top screen of the app shows the overview of a month, bottom screen notifies about upcoming events. Top-left screen of the app lets you switch calendar views and top-right screen serves you with three options; visiting the current day, creating an event, and opening the calendar menu. The app serves you with weather updates, and lets you add 6 widgets to your homescreen.

  4. Jorte Calendar & Organizer

    4. Jorte Calendar

    Jorte offers a very basic UI, with lots of customization options. The menu bar is present at the bottom of the app, featuring 7 different options. The calendar app offers a number of options, including the creation of memos and tasks. It lets you easily sync the app with your Google Calendar account. The app is available in two different versions, a free version and a paid version. While some advanced features are locked in the free version (which you can unlock by purchasing the paid version), you will still find most of the essential calendar options available in there.

  5. Google Calendar

    5. Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is one of the most widely used calendar apps for Android. The app features a very basic interface and serves you with all the events in a chronological fashion. The top-left screen offers a view-switching hamburger menu, while the top-right screen serves you with calendar tools. In addition to the creation of events, the calendar app from Google lets you set reminders and even goals to them.

So, that sums up our list of the 5 best calendar apps for Android.

All of these apps are capable of operating on any Android running smartphone, however, for optimum performance you ought to use these apps on smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

5 best calendar apps for Android
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5 best calendar apps for Android
Calendar apps are a fun way to manage all your events and be right on schedule. Try our 5 best calendar apps for Android today.
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