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Norton Mobile Security for Android: full review

As mobiles continue to overtake PCs as consumer’s computer of choice, the risk of more malware and potential threats attacking phones and tablets also explodes at an exponential rate. To overcome this, antivirus companies like Norton offer protection for mobile device, with Norton Mobile Security for android mobile devices being one such app. Such plans for mobile security either comes packed with their PC antivirus suites or, you can purchase one separately, in case you don’t want antivirus protection for your PC.

If you want you can also download Norton AntiVirus for PC here.

Norton homescreen

Norton Mobile Security is available as individual or as part of its multi-platform Norton Security suite. The app offers sterling malware protection and reliable anti-theft tools for Android devices. Yet it lacks a few of the functions that other competing antivirus suites can perform.

Let’s read on full review on Norton Mobile Security to understand the app better:

Price, Setup, and Interface

norton mobile security interface

Setting up Norton Mobile Security latest edition is much simpler than it was earlier. You just need to search for the name in Google Play, click on Install, and then just enter your Norton account username and password. Afterwards you will need to create a new Norton account to use Norton Mobile Security. It’s easy to do so for free, just visit Norton’s website and click on Sign In at the top of the page.

Norton will be downloaded and installed within seconds. If you want to download the app via the web, then visit Norton’s website. It will ultimately take you to Google Play anyway.

Coming to its user interface then it is quite like its previous version, with just an exception. The homescreen is divided into six icons:

  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Theft
  • Backup
  • Call Blocking
  • Web Protection
  • And App Advisor

Every time you tap on each icon, a new corresponding menu pops up; you can additionally navigate through the menus with left/right swipe gesture. A three dot (…) ellipsis button at the top-right of homescreen opens a drop-down menu with buttons for different options like Settings, Scan, Help, Share, Activity Log, About, and Other Norton Apps.

Sadly, Norton Mobile Security interface feels bit incomplete as compared to other Android antivirus apps. A few things like opening Settings menu to run a scan or enable any anti-theft feature, and the gap of unused screen space at the bottom of homescreen appears like some wasted asset.

The application is also available for Windows users. To protect your PC, you can download Norton Antivirus in a matter of minutes.

Detection and Performance

Phishing protection

When Norton Mobile Security was lab-tested for its security performance at AV-TEST independent lab in Germany, the app reported a result of 99.7 of 2,186 malware samples. The version tested was 3.8, running on Android 4.4. The score definitely beats industry average all other antivirus apps put together, save for Avast which stands high with 99.9 percent score, and behind Bitdefender Mobile Security and Kaspersky Internet Security, both of the apps detected all malware samples.

Data protection

Talking about Norton Mobile Security’s effect on system performance, it reported a decent score in the test. Most of the users might not even feel the difference in performance.

Anti-Theft and Data Protection

Apart from user-initiated scanning, Norton Mobile Security is great when it comes to real-time malware protection. The program automatically performs scans in downloaded apps and app updates. It also removes detected threats at the same time. Norton is also known to perform a sweep every time SD cards are plugged in to your device.

App Advisor, a new addition to Norton Mobile Security, lets you know if your device has any apps installed in it that poses suspicious behaviour or works on high battery or data usage. Any issues are showed as push notifications in your notification drawer.

App Advisor

The app retains almost all the anti-theft features of its previous editions. There’s hardly much new for you here. Now when you open Norton app on your mobile device for the first time, it assigns you a four-digit passcode. You can use this passcode to remotely lock your device, locate it via GPS, back up contacts, erase personal info, or remotely take a secret picture of the person with your person with its front-facing camera, called Sneak Peak.

You can use the passcode to activate a “scream” alarm to help locate your device. You can likewise prompt “lock” or “locate” commands followed by your passcode. The passcode is displayed only once, if you miss it, you need to visit Norton Mobile Security webpage. You passcode will appear at the top right corner of the screen.

Lock device

When you lock your device remotely, the app automatically tracks down and reports current location every five minutes. It also takes a Sneak Peek photo every ten minutes. Yes, there are so many useful features, yet you will encounter a few issues with the app as well. The program saves only latest 10 photos with Sneak Peek, it implies that you might miss out some crucial photos or proofs just because the limited number of photos it captures secretly.

Lock or Locate device

All anti-theft features are present in Settings menu. You can also set your device to automatically erase after 10 failed attempts to unblock it have been made. There’s also an option to lock itself when your SIM card is removed or changed. Next is line is Security Lock, which serves the app with admin rights to prevent it from being uninstalled by any malware.

There are also a number of data protection tools present in the antivirus app. You can also backup your contacts and info to Norton’s servers, or restore the contacts to another device. The backup can be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly basis. Call Blocking option allows you to create a list of numbers that Norton automatically blocks.

Web Console

You can access Norton Mobile Security’s web console at From here, you can lock your device, find its location via GPS, and activate a command to let your device emit a Remote Scream, capture a Sneak Peek photo via its front-facing camera, erase the device, or back up your contacts. It also shows the total number of days remaining to your subscription. You can edit your device’s name or delete the device itself.

Norton Mobile Security- Premium vs. Lite

norton security premium

Norton Mobile Security Premium version is available at a cost of $29.99 a year. It can be unlocked by a subscription and then logging into free version of the app using your Norton Account login details.

Norton mobile security Lite

The free version of Norton Mobile Security packs full antivirus capability and remote anti-theft features as well. Most of the features inside anti-theft are also available via Google’s own Android Device Manager. Only other features like App Advisor, Backup, Call Blocking, and Web Protection are not available in the free version. Once the free 30-day trial ends, you need to purchase the premium suite.

The Pros

  • Advanced protection
  • Minimal effect on device performance
  • Reliable anti-theft tools
  • Excellent malware protection
  • Phishing protection
  • Privacy alerts integrated into Google Play
  • Other features like Call blocking, SMS commands etc


The Cons

  • Less feature-rich as compared to other popular mobile security and antivirus apps
  • Hidden functionality in the Settings menu
  • Slow performance of Web console
  • Less backup tools
  • Can’t automatically screen unknown phone numbers


The bottom line

Norton Mobile Security offers reliable output against malware and delivers sterling anti-theft protection. It provides lab-tested antivirus protection and brilliant phishing protection as well. The app comes bundled with advanced anti-theft-tools and more for your Android. Considering its cost, it isn’t that feature-rich as other cheaper Android antivirus apps.

Download Norton antivirus app for Android mobile here.

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Norton Mobile Security for Android: full review
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Norton Mobile Security for Android: full review
Norton Mobile Security is one of the most popular antivirus apps for Android. Premium version is available for a subscription of $19.95 per year.
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