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BitTorrent Now, free legal music streaming app goes live

The new legal music app by BitTorrent is named BitTorrent Now and is available for free download now! BitTorrent launched on Monday, a new, free legal music streaming app. The new service is launched in form of a revived and rebranded version of BitTorrent Bundle, the company’s legal music download platform. BitTorrent Now, the all-new app, is all about the works of upcoming artists.

The new app serves on-demand streaming of music and videos via mobile and Web app. Similar to Spotify and other apps of its kinds, you can also create playlists and follow your favorite artists for notifications and latest updates. Taking into account the content quotient, BitTorrent Now stands apart from the biggies in the business with a catalog of music and videos mostly from independent artists, who are relatively known to public.

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App users can also purchase content at any given time. The platform manages its finances right now by advertising only. BitTorrent Bundle, the original music service before BitTorrent Now, was a music download site that offered fresh content from popular artists. The content was available either for free or at some cost.

Artists like Madonna, De La Soul, Lady Gaga, Thom Yorke (Radiohead), and Moby notably released their exclusive content via BitTorrent Bundle service. Over the past years, BitTorrent has come up with all kinds of new services. It even developed an alternative browser named Maelstrom, a file-sharing platform named Shoot, and an instant messenger named Bleep.

Now the latest in its list, BitTorrent Now, the music service will be first released as a website and Android app. iOS and Apple TV versions will also release sometime soon in near future. Stay tuned for more updates on BitTorrent Now.

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BitTorrent rolls out free legal music streaming app, BitTorrent Now
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BitTorrent rolls out free legal music streaming app, BitTorrent Now
BitTorrent Now is the new legal music streaming app by BitTorrent. The service is available for free in form of website and Android app right now.
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