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6 useful WhatsApp features you perhaps don't use

WhatsApp is, at present, one of the most used apps, especially when it comes to instant messaging on mobile. Where every sixth person is likely to use the service globally, the majority may not be familiar with a handful of useful WhatsApp features that are, therefore, often left unused.

Save your messages for lifetime or chat in your regional Indian language; you can actually do this with WhatsApp app. The service packs features which in all aspects, you may have never ever used or come to know they even existed. Over 1 billion people worldwide are active on WhatsApp, as of April 2016. As the service is pretty much indispensable today, it’s essential to know the unused WhatsApp features so that your experience becomes better than ever.

Recently, Facebook introduced end-to-end encryption to its instant messaging platform. Now snooping or intercepting your WhatsApp chat is harder than before. Then the company released the Desktop client for PCs, which linked to a user’s smartphone.

In the same manner, WhatsApp app on your phone has much more inside, but you likely haven’t used them yet.

Read on the list of six WhatsApp features you are may have not used at all:

  1. Save your messages for lifetime

When you install WhatsApp on a new device, you need to install and configure your WhatsApp account from the very beginning. Yet, note that it doesn’t imply that you lose your entire text and chat threads from your last phone. WhatsApp lets users backup their entire chats, images, and videos on Google Drive at the time when configuring the account. You can do chats backup even after it.

Don’t have a Drive account on your device? Still ok, WhatsApp lets users save their messages on Drive by following steps:

Go to Settings<Select Chats< Select Chat Backup

  1. Locate your favorite messages

If you wish to spare a conversation or a message there is an option called Starring. To access this new option, just hold and long press any message or selection of messages and the star symbol will appear on the highest point of the chat window. Tap on it and the selected message will be marked as your favorite. You can anytime access your favorite messages at whatever time by going to:

Settings<Starred messages

You can see all the favorite messages at one spot, so you can forward it to others or go back to the chat threads around which the chat took place.

  1. Sending messages made simpler

If your phone runs Android Marshmallow, you can explore Android Direct Share highlight in WhatsApp. This implies a user can share a website page to their most loved groups or contacts from the share page itself. The share window naturally displays the contacts you are most active with on the share page. This spares the user an outing to WhatsApp for sharing a link.

  1. Chat in Indian languages

WhatsApp is one of only a handful few messenger applications which underpins Indian languages, and gives users a chance to utilize them for communicating. While you can use the application in 12 Indian languages immediately, you can send messages in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali.

You can change the language of the application by going to Settings<Chats<App language.

To change the language for sending messages go to phone Settings<Language and input <Keyboard and input techniques then select Google Indic keyboard.

  1. Find your favorites in the list

One of the difficulties of using WhatsApp is the numerous groups one is added into regardless of the fact that one doesn’t wish to be there. This expands the length of the welcome page superfluously, making it troublesome for one to make sense of the chat group that a user really needs to be on. You can make an alternate route of particular chat groups as if they were a different application in itself.

Press and hold any such chat group and select create a shortcut option from the pop-up window that appears. This will create a shortcut of the same on the homescreen and will show the profile photo of the group as the app’s symbol. From now, you can reach group immediately. This feature can be utilized for individual contacts as well.

  1. Send messages to several users/contacts

This feature takes a shot at comparative lines as sending an email to multiple users at the same time. You can send a single message to a number of users all the while. Simply go to menu icon on the main homepage of WhatsApp Messenger and select new broadcast. It will ask you the names and numbers from the receiver. Simply tap on “+” symbol and select the contact from your contact list.

So these are the top 6 unused WhatsApp features you might be missing. Try them and let us know in comments section whether any helped you or share a new unused feature with us.

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6 useful WhatsApp features you perhaps don't use
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6 useful WhatsApp features you perhaps don't use
Want to know what are the six unused WhatsApp features you have been missing so long? Check out our list to make the best out of this instant messaging app.
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