How to set a 4 digit passcode in iOS 9
How to set a 4 digit passcode in iOS 9

While updating an iPhone or iPad to iOS 9, it asks you to enter a 6-digit passcode, instead of 4 digits. Though the six digit passcode is more secure, it’s slightly bothersome for those who are habitual of using 4 digit passcode on their devices.

For those who’ve got used to the four digit passcode, there is a simple way to get it back. In this brief tutorial we’ll help you know how to revert to a four digit passcode without dropping other features of iOS 9.

Here’s how to set a 4 digit passcode in iOS 9

  • Go to Settings part of your device and select Touch ID & Passcode tab by navigating the menu option on the left.
  • Now tap Change Passcode, though you have to enter your current passcode here to make changes
  • Your iPhone/iPad will now ask you to enter your new passcode
  • To do so, simply tap Passcode Options
    4 digit passcode
  • Your device will prompt you with three different options. Avoid others by selecting 4-digit Numeric Code
  • This will change your passcode form 6 digits back to four digits
  • Now enter a new four digit passcode and confirm it
  • Congratulations! You are back to 4 digit passcodes

That’s it! By following the step-to-step guide above you can easily change your iPhone/iPad passcode from six digits to four digits in iOS 9.

6 digit passcode

Let’s warn you again that a six digit passcode in iOS 9 is more secure as there are more digits and it’s harder for anyone to guess. Apple says, changing to a six digit passcode offers you 1mn possible combinations rather than 4 digit passcode that offers a mere 10,000.

Now it’s totally up to you whether you want to secure your iPhone/iPad with a 4 digit passcode or a 6 digit.

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How to set a 4 digit passcode in iOS 9
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How to set a 4 digit passcode in iOS 9
For those who have gotten used to of using four digit passcode, there is simple way to change it back.Here’s how to set a 4 digit passcode in iOS 9.
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