How to hide photos on Android phone
How to hide photos on Android phone

Do you want to keep your image gallery protected from prying eyes? Sometimes you want to keep your private photos safe or, at times, you just want to hide all your pictures from others. Getting this done is quite easy and there are two simple and quick ways to do it. You can easily hide photos in your Android phone’s image gallery using some simple tools (apps) and a few steps. Read on to get familiar with the guide.

Here’s how to hide photos on Android phone

Recommended solution: Gallery lock

There are a plethora of apps available to help you hide photos and videos in your Android gallery and keep them under password protection. One of the best apps is Gallery Lock.

Gallery Lock

Basically, this app helps you move your images from your gallery to this app. The process to do this is simple. Download Gallery Lock and follow our quick guide.

Open the app and enter 7777 (default pin). You can change the default pin later as per your need. Now, you will be prompted with an instruction screen. Just read (or not read!) the instructions. Now there will be a group of default albums.

To make your own folder, tap Add Folder at the bottom of the screen and give it a name. Now, press OK and navigate to the bottom of your Android’s screen. Here you’ll find a new folder with a default image. Tap on the folder and hit Add photo/video button at the bottom. Now select the images or videos you want to keep in this hidden folder and press the green plus sign at the top-right corner of your Android’s screen.

All your selected images and videos are now hidden. Now navigate to your smartphone’s gallery to make sure you have not missed anything.

After capturing new images or video, you can follow the same process to add them to Gallery Lock folder. If, for some reason, you want to retrieve your hidden images then go back to the Gallery Lock folder and long-press an image > tap Unhide.

Alternate solution: Astro File Manager

If you don’t want to hide your images in a gallery app then using a file manager is the other best solution. To hide photos on Android phone, simply download the Astro File Manager!

Astro File Manager

Hide your Android images by launching the app. Go to Primary and then tap Pictures. Now simply tap and hold the image/folder you want to hide. Once you are done, tap the menu button at the top-right corner of your screen and navigate to Rename.

From here, you can give desired name to the hidden folder. To do so, simply enter any name but make sure to add a period in front of the name. Now hit Rename! All your selected images/folders are hidden now.

To get back to the hidden images/folders in Astro File Manager, go to menu and tap View Settings > Advanced tab. Now check the box placed after Show hidden files and navigates back to the app.

To unhide the folder in Astro, just rename it, but this time don’t include a period at the front of the text.

By following this step-to-step guide all your images will be hidden from your smartphone’s gallery, for whatever reason you want them to be hidden. Which way to hide photos on Android did you find useful and the easiest? Let us know in the comments section!

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How to hide photos on Android phone
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How to hide photos on Android phone
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