Android N Vs iOS 10
Android N Vs iOS 10

Google last month introduced the latest version of Android, the Android N, during their developer conference. Now, Apple has done the same by announcing its next generation OS, the iOS 10, at the WWDC event 2016. Read on to find out which OS is leading the way in our Android N vs iOS 10 comparison.

Here’s how both the operating systems are different from each other.

Android N vs iOS 10

Google Now and Siri

Siri vs Google Now

Android N vs iOS 10: Face off begins! Apple has opened Siri for all app developers, providing them a way to include the voice assistant feature into their own apps. This is one of the biggest announcements from Apple that is giving developers an opportunity to work with many more services.

On the contrary, Google’s proprietary voice assistant service Google Now still offers limited access. Even Microsoft let developers to integrate Cortana on their apps or websites.

From now, Siri will be able to integrate with many more applications, such as Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp, Uber, and then some. In addition, it will also be able to integrate with messages in the latest OS, the iOS 10, to offer contextual responses.

Something similar can also be seen in the Android N with Google’s upcoming Allo app.

Google and Apple Maps

Google vs Apple Maps

While Apple upgraded its Maps application in the iOS 10, it still lags behind Google Maps. The Apple Maps app will be smarter than before and will boast improved map layers along with traffic information to better assist users while travelling.

With iMessage, Apple is predicting that developers may add much more functionality to Apple Maps in order to make it more useful.

Lock screen and enhanced notifications 

iOS 10 comes with an all-new design of homescreen, lockscreen and default applications. Starting with the lockscreen, iOS 10 comes with a new feature called Rise to Wake that lights up your device screen, allowing users to quickly view new notification.

The same matches with Google’s notifications in Android N. Google also completely redesigned the notifications display in the notification panel as well as on the lockscreen.

Device target

Another important difference between Android N Vs iOS 10 is the range of devices that each giant targets. Where Google’s applications are designed to run on a series of operating systems instead of just Android – iOS apps are fixed into the specific release of OS software.


iOS vs Android

Apple Photos to imitate Google Photos. This is the area where Google clearly pulled ahead of Apple in the Android N Vs iOS 10 comparison. Like Google Photos, the Apple Photos app will be able to identify faces, scenes and objects from a picture. Now the Photos will be arranged automatically into suggested albums. Photos will also make an automatic presentation with associated music in an attempt to create memories.


Another major comparison between Android N and iOS 10 is their Music App.  Apple Music now features a new design which seems a little clearer with bold and bigger text. Now, the ‘for you’ section of the app has been improved. Lyrics have also been integrated to the Apple Music app, something which Google Play doesn’t feature.


The Android Vs iOS debate will certainly never end. There are millions of diehard fans of both the operating systems. The best thing about Android and iOS is that both tech giants behind these two operating systems are putting a lot of efforts to ensure that only the best updates and features are brought to Android as well as iOS.

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Android N Vs iOS 10: which OS is leading the way?
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Android N Vs iOS 10: which OS is leading the way?
Find out which OS is leading the way in our Android N Vs iOS 10 comparison. Here’s how both the operating systems are different from each other.
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