Pokemon Go AR Game
Pokemon Go AR Game

Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game, will soon arrive on your smartphone. It means avid gamers won’t have to wait much longer to try their hands on the action.

While the exact release date is still not confirmed, Nintendo announced that the game will be released sometime in July on Android and iOS during their E3 livestream.

To follow the players’ position in the real world, the game makes use of GPS. By doing so, it allows players to imprison wild Pokemon in their own backyard. Players can either prefer to use programmed backgrounds for their gameplay that will add to a more traditional gaming experience or they can choose their smartphone camera to get a view of Pokemon on the streets of their cities or towns.

Nintendo also revealed that the company is working on various features to allow trading monsters, but the features won’t be available at launch.

Last month, the company kicked off the game for beta testing in United States following earlier field testing in Australia, Japan and New Zealand. And lately the company has announced a next round of beta testing with another wave of invites.

The company also restricted first-round beta testers to take part in the next testing round. The company commenced the selection process for testers last month only and a few blessed fans were randomly selected from a list of gamers by the company.

The company also gave various opportunities to the testers. The more monsters they caught the more experience a tester gets. And after becoming more powerful, the company gave the testers a chance to catch rarer and stronger Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is certainly a pushy tile developed by Niantic. Nintendo also addressed that the company was more invested to make sure that the core experience of the game was amazing, allowing game players to know how to use it and make grip of some Pokemon before starting trading with others.

On a deeper level, the game allows players to explore their cities for Pokemon. Players will also be able to find out Gyms to train their giants along with securing special items, such as Pokemon eggs at sitting rooms like monuments and museums.

The company has also mentioned that it’ll soon release the plus version of the game as well. The Pokemon Go Plus will support a Bluetooth-enabled band that will light up, vibrate and allow you to perform various in-game actions like catching and locating a Pokemon that is close in proximity.

The Pokemon Go Plus is certainly a great way to catch Pokemon for those who are too busy in using their smartphone. Though the band allows you to do all kind of stuff even without looking at your smartphone, it is not an obligatory for playing the augmented reality game.

The Pokemon Go Plus will be available for $34.99. The wrist gadget is designed to allow you try to seize a Pokemon with a single press of button.

The launch of the Plus version of Pokemon Go is not yet confirmed, gaming lovers can try their hand on this amazing AR game next month on both Android and iOS devices.

Pokemon Go AR game to arrive shortly on iOS, Android
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Pokemon Go AR game to arrive shortly on iOS, Android
Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game, is soon arriving on your smartphone. The game will be released sometime in July on Android and iOS.
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