Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22
Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 releases, adds support for Linux Kernel 4.7

Oracle, the multinational computer technology corporation has officially announced the release and public availability of VirtualBox 5.0.22. It’ a new maintenance update of its open-source cross-platform virtualization software for all supported platforms. Given the announcement, Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 is now the latest and the most advanced version one should update to and use.

The new maintenance release introduces many intriguing features, main being the support for the upcoming Linux 4.7 Kernel in Linux Additions.

It will also support Linux hosts, and support for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 operating system. It seems like Oracle is in plans to widen its reach and functionality to Linux.

In addition to it, you will find a couple of improvements for Linux Additions integrated in VirtualBox 50.22, like improved compatibility with specific 32-bit guests, better compatibility between older X.Org releases and Kernels from the Linux 3.11 series, and a fix for an X.Org crash that occurred after a hard guest reset.

Of course, you get other bug fixes and new features as well. Apart from it, VirtualBox 5.0.22 comes with support for support for several Intel Atom machines, a new I/O-APIC implementation meant to improve overall performance of the software, and finally support for X.Org Server 1.18 display server to Solaris Additions.

Potential Linux guest panic patched on AMD systems

The list showing the possible changes and new features also hints that Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 fixes an issue reported by Linux users as a potential panic on AMD systems and a Windows hardening fix. VirtualBox 5.0.22 also addresses a performance regression with SMP guests on Windows hosts.

Additional improvements are also expected to come to GUI and other significant components, like ACPI, OVF, and NAT.

Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 is available now for download to Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

For full details on the new features, improvements, and fixes introduced in the new maintenance release, you can see the changelog.

Update your existing version to Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 now!

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Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 is here with support for Linux Kernel 4.7
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Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 is here with support for Linux Kernel 4.7
Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.22 has been officially released. It adds support for Linux Kernel 4.7 and includes many other improvements and bug fixes.
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