iOS 10 Developer Preview
iOS pubic beta to come in July.


iOS 10

iOS 10, Apple’s latest mobile OS version, was unveiled during its annual WWDC event. Apple announced the release of its first iOS 10 Developer Preview with plans to release the full-fledged iOS 10 by fall of 2016 and a public beta of the same in July.

Feeling excited? Before we tell you how to upgrade to iOS 10 developer preview, let’s get over with some highlights. Afterwards, we’ll discuss the necessary information which you need to know before getting your hands on the iOS 10 developer preview.


iOS 10 Devices


  1. Add apps with 3D Touch

    iOS 10 brings a new feature to 3D Touch. You can now add apps to widgets by using your favourite 3D Touch.

  2. New swipes

    Swipe up from the homescreen to summon the all-new improved Control Center. For using a music-centric section, perform a right swipe on the homescreen. On the lock screen you can do a left swipe for accessing camera, while doing a right swipe will invoke the widgets menu.

  3. Universal clipboard

    Probably the best feature brought forward by the iOS 10 developer preview. It lets you copy some text from your iOS 10 developer preview-running device, and paste it into your Mac.

  4. Updated Apple Music

    Latest Apple Music update in iOS 10 developer preview organizes the otherwise messy classification in the music app.

  5. Updated Control Center

    Apple has brought some UI updates for the iOS 10 Control Center.

  6. Updated lock screen

    iOS 10 features an updated lock screen which brings more information at your disposal in the form of notifications. 3D Touch support is also added to the lock screen.

  7. Updated Messages app

    To enhance your texting experience on the new Apple mobile OS platform, iOS 10 developer preview brings a new updated Messages app that now includes animated visuals, text effects and even WhatsApp/Messenger-style stickers. It also allows you to use some other app features without leaving it.

Warning! Know this first before advancing

iOS 10 Compatibility

Before advancing, make sure you know exactly what you’re up to.

  1. iOS 10 developer preview requires newer iPhone version starting from iPhone 5s.
  2. iOS 10 developer preview is totally intended for developers.
  3. Being a pre-release software, it is likely to be flooded with bugs and instabilities.

If you’ve acquainted yourself with the risk, then it’s time to do it.

Upgrade to iOS 10 developer preview now

iOS 10 Beta

All set then? Let’s get over with the iOS 10 developer preview upgrade:

  1. Register as a developer at Apple

    First of all, you need to register as a developer at Apple. Go to for doing so. Fill out the registration form and select the payment method for completing registration as a developer for $99/year.

  2. Back up your device

    It’s very important to make a backup of your device before you wish to proceed. You can either use iCloud or a computer for doing so.

  3. Log in to Apple’s developer channel

    Head to, Apple’s developer channel, and sign in with your Apple developer login details.

  4. Download iOS 10 developer preview

    After successful login at Apple’s developer channel, you’ll come across a list of all available downloads. Click on iOS 10 beta 1. If you visit the developer channel with your iPhone or iPad, then you’ll be prompt to download a configuration file. This configuration file will provide an OTA download of iOS 10 developer preview. If you download the iOS 10 beta version from your computer then, connect your device with the system. Tap on Trust inside the pop-up that appears on your device screen. Afterwards, hold down the ALT/OPTION key while selecting the download.

  5. Follow iOS 10 beta 1 installation instructions

    Follow the instructions to install the iOS 10 developer preview.

That’s it! Congratulations for upgrading to iOS 10 developer preview. You’re now using the latest iOS version.

How to upgrade to the new iOS 10 developer preview
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How to upgrade to the new iOS 10 developer preview
Apple released iOS 10 developer preview during the WWDC event. Know how to upgrade to the iOS 10 developer preview version now.
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