Best Mac cleaner software
7 best Mac cleaner software in 2016

Knowing that Mac is at present, one of the best systems available in the tech market, even it also requires proper maintenance and attention. Over time, your Mac becomes cloggy and piled up with lots of stuff making it inefficient and slow. Increasing RAM size, formatting hard disks, and changing the hard disks are a few of the most common approaches to improve Mac’s performance. Yet nothing can be better than employing best Mac cleaner software 2016 to keep your Mac working and zippy.

Using best Mac cleaner software helps optimize your device’s performance. It also ensures long-term working and functionality of the same. You will find many Mac cleaner software solutions out there in the market. But which ones you should really go with still remains a question. Don’t worry; we have you backed up with our list of best Mac cleaner software that will boost the efficiency in your Macs.

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7 best Mac cleaner software:

  1. CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3

The majority of customers and analysts suggest CleanMyMac 3 as the best Mac cleaner software available in the market. The feature-rich Mac cleaner can scan almost everything you would like to know. It can even scan trash iTunes, bins, and many more locations. The cleaner can also simplify what exactly needs to be cleaned and what should be left out.

CleanMyMac 3 is a versatile option that offers full value for money. Price for a single user is $40, whereas 5 Mac users can avail it for $90. CleanMyMac 3 is the best Mac cleaner software that cleans everything one wants to. It also does a full-system clean from obsolete and large files not required anymore. Save the necessary space on your disk with CleanMyMac 3.


  • Versatile
  • Scans multiple locations
  • Advanced cleaning


  • Still not an all-in-one Mac cleaner software

Download CleanMyMac 3

  1. Mac Optimizer Pro

Mac Optimizer Pro

There are lots of users who feel that Mac Optimizer Pro is the best Mac cleaner software. The all-in-one suite helps clean your Mac system deep and perfectly. It comes with such features as to free up your hard disk, remove unwanted, old and cache junk, fix unresponsive apps and system hang, manage startup and login items…you name it. Besides, all your essential data is safe and secured with its advanced technology that overwrites on your confidential deletable data with random binary codes.

Mac Optimizer Pro has professionally been acclaimed as the best Mac cleaner software. It comes at a nominal price of $49.95 with a feature-rich functionality.


  • Simple interface
  • User-friendly app
  • Easy-to-install
  • Easy-to-use
  • Comprehensive features

Mac Optimizer


Not really!

Download Mac Optimizer Pro

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  1. MacKeeper


Many users have nostalgia for MacKeeper for its proven quality when it all comes down to keep your Mac clean and virus-free. It’s more than mere system-cleaning software. Being one of the best Mac cleaner software, it comes at a price ranging $40-$60, contingent upon the class of cleaners you would like to buy.


  • In-depth scan
  • Detects duplicate files


  • Useful only when what you need is removing duplicate files once you find them. Considering cleaning, it might not be the best Mac cleaner software.

Download MacKeeper

  1. Gemini: The Duplicate Finder


Developed by MacPaw, Gemini lays emphasis on locating and removing duplicate files. Apart from it, Gemini also works well considering its ability to clean the disk other such devices. It falls under the category of most reasonable Mac cleaner software, available at a price of only $10.


  • Affordable price
  • Basically a duplicate file remover, it additionally helps in cleaning disk and memory space


  • More like a file cleaner only

Download Gemini: The Duplicate Finder

  1. MacCleanse


The closest competitor to CleanMyMac2, MacCleanse is regarded as one of the best Mac cleaner software in the 2016 market. The best thing about the software is its high number of features within a pocket-friendly budget. You can avail it at a price as low as $25.


  • Money’s worth, in spite of not being world-class Mac cleaner software
  • Reasonable at cost

Download MacCleanse


  • A low cost copy of best Mac cleaner software in the market

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  1. CCleaner


It might not be the first choice of professional Mac users, yet CCleaner comes a long way when it comes to clean cookies, recycle bin, cache. It plays a vital role in releasing enough disk and memory space. The tested product has many followers. CCleaner is available at a price tag ranging from $199 for 10 workstations to $1499 for 100 workstations.


  • Slightly expensive, yet works well and proves full value for money
  • Free for home usage


  • The high cost acts as a big constraint for the product

Download CCleaner

  1. MacPaw


According to the reviews of many users, MacPaw is one of the most popular and best Mac cleaner software. It is rich in advanced features and simply clean and optimizes your Mac to maintain its performance. It’s very easy to download it and use. The price is competitive and ranges from $40-$90.


  • Highly user-friendly
  • Free demo version available


  • Free downloadable option most of the times doesn’t work

Download MacPaw

So these are the 7 best Mac cleaner software you should be trying in 2016. Check them out and see your Mac’s performance getting optimized.

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7 best Mac cleaner software in 2016
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7 best Mac cleaner software in 2016
Looking for reliable cleaner for your Mac? Look at our list of 7 best Mac cleaner software in 2016 to boost your Mac's performance.
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