Hidden Features Of S6 Edge Plus
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung launched Galaxy S6 Edge+ in August last year. The single nano-SIM enabled smartphone featured a thickness of 6.9mm and was powered by the then latest Android Lollipop. The flagship device became a hit in the segment. It was well received for its cameras, both of which offered a lens with f/1.9 aperture, and 4 GB RAM.

Though it’s been over a year since Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ made its way into the crowd, there are still many features that users might not have used even yet. That’s right! We’re here to shed some light on those not-so-easily-accessible options on the device. Let’s check out the list of top 20 hidden features of S6 Edge Plus.

20 hidden features of S6 Edge Plus

  1. Edge Lighting

1. Edge Lighting

Edge Lighting lets the edge screens of the device glow when you’re receiving call and when the device lying face-down. You can set different lightings for 5 of your besties.

  1. People Edge

2. People Edge

You can use People Edge from the edge of your homescreen. It lets you add up to 5 people to add them to a quick-dial tab.

  1. Information Stream

3. Information Stream

Information Stream lets you get info on the edge of your Galaxy S6 Edge+. You can download a number of info apps for the feature from the Samsung app store.

  1. Night Clock

4. Night Clock

Night Clock lets you have a clock on the edge of your device, only visible at night. You can easily activate it from the Clock app.

  1. Edge Screen Position

5. Edge Screen Position

As there are a number of edge options available, you should select which should be displayed and on which edge of the screen. You can easily find Edge Screen Position options in the Settings.

  1. My People

6. My People

You can put up to 5 people in a specific order, known as My People. You can choose colors blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow for each of them. To access the feature go to: – Settings>Edge screen>People edge>My people.

  1. Quick Reply

7. Quick Reply

Quick Reply is probably one of the best hidden features of S6 Edge Plus. Go to: – Settings>Edge screen>Edge lighting>Quick reply. Write a text down here. Now, when you will receive a call hold down the heart rate sensor for a while, and the quick reply will be sent to the caller.

  1. S Finder

8. S Finder

S Finder lets you find anything ranging from files to settings on your S6 Edge+ device. Swipe down top of the screen, and tap on the S Finder and type your search query.

  1. USB OTG


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ supports USB OTG. You only need a USB OTG cable and a USB drive for the purpose.

  1. Print wirelessly


10. Wireless Printer_Redesigned

S6 Edge+ allows you to print using any Wi-Fi printer in your network. To do so, go to: – Settings>Printing>Connect and share. Now, you’ll find the Wi-Fi printer available for printing. Select the printer and you’ll be redirected to Play Store to download software for the printer. Once done, use the Share>Print option to print instantly.

  1. Adapt Sound

11. Adapt Sound

Adapt Sound lets your device run a couple of sound tests to select the best audio setting for you. To access it, head to: – Settings>Sounds and notifications> Sound quality and effects>Adapt sound.

  1. Find My Mobile

12. Find My Mobile_Redesigned


Find My Mobile is a precaution in case you lose your device. Once set up you can log in to the Find My Mobile website, log in with your Samsung account, lock your device, wipe data from it, turn on the Emergency mode, and even make it ring. To set it up, go to: – Settings>Lock screen and security>Find My Mobile.

  1. Add a live wallpaper to both screens

13. Live Wallpaper

Download S6 Edge HD Live Wallpaper app from Play Store. The app lets you set animation type, bg color, speed, motion type, and image display location.

  1. Customize Quick Settings Bar

14. Quick Settings

To customize Quick Settings, click on any of the Settings icon to move or replace them.

  1. Smart Manager

15. Smart Manager

Smart Manager lets you manage battery, security and storage. It is available as an widget. Just add it onto the homescreen and start managing.

  1. Launch camera with the Home button

16. Camera

You can launch camera with your Home button. To do so, tap the Home button twice.

  1. Multi Window

17. Multi Window

Samsung MultiWindow lets apps share the screen. Simply drag any 2 apps on the screen to use them side by side.

  1. Sharing files

18. Sharing Files

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ lets you share files faster using your device’s Wi-Fi or your carrier. Use Share With Contacts option from settings to share files faster with friends and colleagues.

  1. Auto answer over Bluetooth

19. Auto Answer

It is an automatic feature that comes into play when you receive a call while a Bluetooth device is connected to the smartphone. Galaxy S6 Edge+ automatically picks call within 2 seconds.

  1. Manual Zoom

20. Manual Zoom

While using S6 Edge+’s inbuilt browser, dubbed Internet, you can activate manual zoom via the settings menu.

20 hidden features of Samsung S6 Edge Plus
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20 hidden features of Samsung S6 Edge Plus
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ was released in 2015. Check out our hand-picked list of the top 20 hidden features of S6 Edge Plus.
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