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Download 9 Best FREE Antivirus software 2016

With an increasing amount of time that you spend doing things like browsing the web, downloading most loved content, or chipping away at the PC by and large, it’s essential that you have some protection with best free antivirus software available to you, for protecting all that sensitive and important info from malicious software, for example, spyware and viruses.

At present, while most of the prominent antivirus software are paid, every one of them accompany lightweight “free” versions as well. For the most part, best free antivirus software don’t have extra sub-modules, similar to firewall and phishing protection. Still at the end of the day, they work well enough to secure your docs against malicious programs. All things considered, there may be some of you that would prefer not to burn through cash on an antivirus thing, and would rather use something that doesn’t cost a penny.

If you are one of such people, this article about the best free antivirus software is exactly what you require. So what’s the hold up? Get in, and get going!

Best FREE Antivirus Software of 2016

  1. Avast Free Antivirus

avast FREE antivirus software

Avast Free Antivirus is the best free antivirus software known widely for its amazing protection and security features. It productively secures important docs against every threat, be it viruses, malware, or anything that way. In any case, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Avast Free Antivirus likewise accompanies a browser cleanup tool, which can be used to avoid unwanted tool-bars, augmentations and such from the browser.

The Home Network Security feature checks the system, and hardware devices as well, like routers to check for loopholes, and fix them if the same are found. No simply that, Avast even has a simple password manager. You can use for filling up your forms on webpages automatically.

Available for: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android

Download Avast FREE Antivirus software

  1. Avira Free Antivirus

avira FREE antivirus software

With an amazing list of capabilities, Avira Free Antivirus software makes snappy work of securing your sensitive info against viruses and possible threats.

Its antivirus engine uses self-learning artificial intelligence tech to provide security against a huge number of everyday threats.

Its cloud technology works by checking potentially harmful files against a community maintained online database.

Not surprisingly from any current antivirus, there are several types of scans and custom scans that you can browse, for example, full-system clean and custom clean, and the capacity to automatically erase infected files. All things considered, the best free antivirus software shows ads frequently, which is somewhat irritating.

Available for: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android

Download Avira FREE Antivirus software

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

bitfender FREE antivirus software

If you need a robust free antivirus software option that doesn’t oblige you to tinker with a hundred settings to get working, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is the thing that you require.

It keeps running silently in the system tray, with its Real-time Shield and Active Control offering strong protection against viruses, and different threats.

One of the fascinating features of Bitdefender Free Edition is the B-Have, which scans how apps act in a secured domain. So if a system works normal, B-Have start it as it should, and if not, isolates it. You can likewise make a free My Bitdefender record, and use it remotely to manage your protected PCs. Cool, isn’t that so?

Note: Bitdefender likewise has a free virus scanner for Mac OS X that you can use.

Available for: Windows, Android

Download Bitdefender FREE Antivirus software

  1. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ FREE antivirus software

Searching for best free antivirus software with full-featured benefits that doesn’t cost anything? Things won’t get better than Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+. It flaunts to be an effective antivirus engine, and is awesome at securing your system from potential spyware as well.

It proactively checks the downloaded files, and the Safe Browsing feature secures your web-browsing by continually filtering the visited links against an updated rundown of malicious sites. Next is the Gaming Mode, which lets you play games in peace by suspending notifications (real-time protection will stay enabled).

Malware Sandbox Emulator analyzes activities of suspicious programs by running them in a virtual domain, and makes the move (e.g. permit to run, isolate and so on.) as required.

Available: Windows

Download Ad-Aware FREE Antivirus software

  1. Panda Free Antivirus

Panda FREE antivirus software

It’s not precisely blasting at the creases with a hundred thousand features to offer; however, to something that is absolutely complimentary, Panda Free Antivirus software does the job well. Genuinely lightweight, it gives solid protection against even the most up to date of malware, on account of the cloud scanning technology that it depends on.

Basically, it implies Panda Free Antivirus software scans the digital fingerprints of potentially risky files by coordinating them against an updated cloud-based database of malware.

There is no requirement for you to regularly download and update large virus definition files. Other than that, you likewise get URL/web filtering with automatic USB cleaning, behavioural analysis protection, and a process monitor feature. All things considered, the antivirus offers to introduce a couple instrument bars; however these can be effortlessly skipped.

Available for: Windows

Download Panda FREE Antivirus software

  1. Comodo Cloud Antivirus

Comodo Cloud FREE antivirus software

Using a multi-layered methodology, Comodo Cloud best free Antivirus software makes protecting your important info from malware and viruses as easy as a stroll in the park.

Most importantly, it distinguishes harmful files by checking them against a “blacklist” signature record, and isolates/erase them.

Then there is a namesake cloud scanner module, which scans files by matching them against an online database of malicious files. At last, the “Sandbox” mode naturally runs obscure applications in a security-driven and isolated virtual environment, with the goal that they can’t affect other files.

It also boasts standard features like custom file ratings, real-time on-demand scan, and more.

Note: Although the above mentioned Cloud Antivirus is Windows-only software, Comodo has free antivirus software for Mac OS X and Linux as well.

Available for: Windows

Download Comodo Cloud FREE Antivirus software

  1. ClamAV

ClamAV FREE antivirus software

Likely a standout amongst the most famous antivirus names among the geek community, the free and open-source ClamAV (i.e. Clam AntiVirus) can detect viruses, as well as Trojans, scripts, and different sorts of malware.

It’s basically an antivirus engine which works in pair with several utilities, for example, a command-line scanner, and an automatic database updater.

Its multi-threaded scanner improves general scanning execution up to a great extent. ClamAV is typically deployed on mail-servers. Also, on account of the numerous programs that use it, Clam AntiVirus is available on all popular desktop platforms.

Available for: Windows; Mac OS X; Linux

Download ClamAV FREE Antivirus software

  1. 360 Total Security

360 Total Security FREE antivirus software

All antivirus software would all say all are great, yet imagine a scenario in which you could have somewhat more. That is precisely what 360 Total Security best free antivirus software is all about. It bears reliable security against a wide range of viruses, by checking potentially unsafe files with various engines (counting those of Avira and Bitdefender).

Apart from it, the software likewise secures your browsing activities by blocking malicious sites, and can even block webcams and key-loggers.

There’s additionally an entire pack of system optimization features worked in. They let you do everything from disabling startup things, to cleaning up cache or junk files and unused plugins.

Available for: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Download 360 Total Security FREE Antivirus software

  1. Windows Defender

Windows Defender FREE antivirus software

Want to use Windows as your primary OS, and prefer not to install third-party antivirus software? You don’t need to, as Windows Defender is here to help. Having been incorporated into all Windows Operating Systems since Vista up to Windows 10, Microsoft’s own particular free antivirus is shockingly great.

Windows Defender is quite lightweight, on account of its tight integration with the OS. Its virus definition updates are delivered directly by means of Microsoft’s own update servers.

It offers various scan types (for example – Full, Custom) available for free, and you can even configure automatic actions as per threat levels. Great isn’t it!

Available for: Windows

Download Windows Defender FREE Antivirus software

Additional Tips

Secure important information from terrible stuff!

Having powerful antivirus software in your software arsenal is practically fundamental nowadays. What’s more, as the above list already clarifies, there are so many awesome and best free antivirus software that you can use, without paying a penny.

Give them a shot, and let us know your favorite(s) in the comments section below. Think there’s something more to add in the list? Share your suggestions with us.

Read more about antivirus at: Full review – AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android Security

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