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The best Twitter search tricks 2016 for beginners

Twitter is the biggest platform to stay abreast of latest updates, yet you might be missing out a good part due to lack of sources. This article offers best Twitter search tricks 2016 that will help you learn more about popular Twitter search operators that will help you in finding the best and most popular tweets for any given search phrase.

With our guide, you can easily search tweets inside Twitter lists, filter tweets comprising images and media.

Twitter offers its main tools – Twitter Archiver and Twitter Bot apps that pop each time a new matching tweet is found for your query. You can try with simple search queries like – #Grammy, or with the complex ones like obama min_ retweets: 10 filter:news, that uses more than one Twitter search operators.

Searching Twitter like a pro with Twitter search tricks

Want to get the best of Twitter like the power uses do? Well, you can also become a Twitter pro by following some popular Twitter search operators mentioned below. The list comprises of Twitter search tricks that will help you perform effective Twitter searches:


This will help you receive all tweets sent by a specific Twitter user

to:BarackObama –filter:links

You will receive all tweets sent to @BarackObama (not containing any links)

Elections list:TIME/time-staff

Find tweets from users belonging to a specific Twitter list min_faves:100

You will receive all tweets (with YouTube video) that have been favoured by minimum 100 users

Earthquake min_retweets:10

Receive tweets that are retweeted more than 10 times

iPhone near:NY within:10mi

Receive all tweets sent by users within 10 mile radius of New York (containing iPhone)

#foodrecipe lang:en

Receive all tweets sent in a specific language (en implies English)

iPhone Reviews since:2016-04-01 until:2016-04-09

Receive tweets sent between specific time laps. It might not be compatible with Twitter APIs

YouTube good OR amazing OR awesome filter:links

Receive tweets comprising YouTube videos described as best or must watch

#Emmys filter:images

Display tweets for a specific hashtag (only show tweets without images)

Barack Obama filter:news

Display tweets mentioning a keyword and containing links to new sites

from:john to:peter –RT

Receive tweets from user – @john that @mention user @Peter, (only show tweets excluding retweets)

family games filter:safe

To filter tweets containing any adult or potentially sensitive content

tornado filter:media

Display tornado tweets (tweets containing videos or images)

music concert filter:native_video

Display tweets containing native video or videos uploaded inside tweet

Learning Twitter search tricks to find the most popular tweets

If you have been using Twitter for a while, you must know that the engagement filter in Twitterdeck features the best tweets and wipes off the noise from Twitter search results. What’s more? Interestingly enough, Twitter don’t offer this filter outside Twitterdeck. Even it hasn’t made the filter available in its official Twitter app!

Worry? You don’t have to, as there’s a very simple trick.

How to search like a Twitter Pro

Let strap in:

You can actually filter tweets by engagement filter on Twitter official website or in any Twitter app. You just have to use an undocumented search operator that Twitter don’t wishes public to be familiar with.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Twitter search box
  • Type your search term/phrase
  • Append the operator min_retweets:[number] or min_faves:[number] to filter search results as per your requirement

Hope our quick guide helps you know better about Twitter search tricks and to transform you into a Twitter pro. Just like that!

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The best Twitter search tricks 2016 for beginners
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The best Twitter search tricks 2016 for beginners
Have a look at the best Twitter search tricks 2016 for beginners. The guide is really simple and comes handy to become a Twitter pro.
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