iOS 10 Features
iOS 10 official launch is scheduled for the fall of 2016.

iOS 10 is now exclusively available for Apple developers. The iOS beta version will allow devs to have an early look into the capabilities of the upcoming full-fledged version of the Apple mobile platform. The next iteration of iOS will be developed for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Though all of them will feature iOS, there will be slight differences in the device-specific versions of iOS 10. Anyhow, the iOS 10 features will be same in all these iterations.

The iOS 10 developer preview announcement was made by Apple during its WWDC 2016 event that kicked off on June 13. A public beta of iOS 10 will be released by Apple sometime next month, while official launch of the mobile platform is planned for the fall of 2016.

iOS 10 developer preview introduces some new display and functionality features. Other than these, some new iOS 10 features might be expected in the final release of iOS 10.

Let’s have a look at some of the most intriguing iOS 10 features brought by the latest developer preview.

iOS 10 features

    1. “Avoid Tolls” toggle in Apple Maps

Apple Maps

iOS 10 allows you to make use of a new type of toggle feature while navigating Apple Maps. The new toggle feature is dubbed “Avoid Tolls”.

    1. 3D Touch support for Control Center

Control Center 3D Touch

The latest iOS iteration allows you to use 3D Touch in Control Center. The pressure-sensitive feature is used to invoke a number of actions in the Control Center, which you can adjust as per your requirements.

    1. Game Center removal

Game Center

Game Center app, from which users can connect and share game scores and other in-game info, has been removed from the first developer preview of iOS 10.

    1. Individual Read receipts

Individual Read Receipts

Earlier, you were able to toggle on/off Send Read Receipts entirely. Now, iOS 10 developer preview offers you to set it on/off for per-person or per-conversation basis.

    1. Music Storage Optimization

Music Storage Optimization

Music Storage Optimization is a brand-new feature introduced in the iOS 10. The feature allows you to remove music (you might not need anymore) from your device when your device is running low on storage space.

    1. New 3D Touch shortcut for Cellular Data in Settings

Cellular Data

Other than the 3D Touch support for Control Center, latest iOS 10 developer preview appends 3D Touch support for Cellular Data in Settings also.

    1. New Keyboard Sound

iOS Keyboard

In iOS 10, each time you press a key of the virtual iOS stock keyboard you’ll hear a new tapping sound.

    1. New Wallpaper

Sea-Green Waterfall

A new stock wallpaper is added to the cliché of iOS stock wallpapers. The wallpapers show a waterfall in sea-green color.

  1. Remove Stock Apps

Remove Stock Apps is the most-requested and best feature to make its way onto the latest iOS platform. The feature, as its name suggests, allows you to remove a number of stock apps. This means that now you can remove all those useless stock apps that only uses up storage and does nothing for you at all. Apps that can be removed from the iOS 10 homescreen include:

iOS 10 Stock Apps

All of these apps are now available on the App Store as standalone downloads.

    1. Revamped “back to” icon in Status Bar

iOS Status Bar

The “back to” icon in iOS Status Bar gets a revamp in the latest iOS iteration.

    1. Bedtime app & Wake Alarm

Bedtime tab & Wake Alarm

The inbuilt Clock app is updated with a new Bedtime tab and a new feature dubbed Wake Alarm. The feature allows you to be reminded of the time to sleep and also to wake up. The feature tracks your sleep and provides you with vital insights about your sleep.

So, that was some list of iOS 10 features introduced in the latest developer preview. The official iOS 10 release might include some more features or exclude some of the features introduced in the current release.

iOS 10 features sneak peek ahead of Apple WWDC 2016
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iOS 10 features sneak peek ahead of Apple WWDC 2016
Apple has released the first developer preview of iOS 10. The latest iOS 10 features a number of new additions to the Apple mobile platform.
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